Wedding Workout Series: 12 Minute Resistance Band Arms & Cardio

This 12 minute workout uses a resistance band to tone and sculpt you arms and back, alternating with intervals of cardio to blast fat and burn calories. Options for all fitness levels

5 thoughts on “Wedding Workout Series: 12 Minute Resistance Band Arms & Cardio”

  1. Hi Amy I really hope I get a reply from you, I discovered your channel about 2 weeks ago and since then I am doing your workouts at least 3 days a week I tried the 4 challenges and the winter Olympics and hiit, my question is I don’t know why every time I do the workouts I feel totally unable to exercise the next day or two days after, I have been exercising regularly for more than two years now, I like your workouts but I wonder the effect I am getting after does it mean I am weak or?

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