TRX Workout to Tone Your Arms in a 15 Minute Workout

This 15 minute workout hits all of the upper body and core using the TRX Suspension Trainer. Strengthen and tone your arms, back and abs, all while keeping your heart rate up for cardio!

20 thoughts on “TRX Workout to Tone Your Arms in a 15 Minute Workout”

  1. Hey… thanks for posting these trx workouts. I just got the trx and plan to follow your workouts. I just did your arms workout and now they feel like jelly. Lol. Awesome workout.

  2. that squat to abdominal “roll” or plank was already tough enough, then at 13:21 you combined it with the triceps pull… that those movements combined are a burner for real!.. Thank you!!

  3. Loved it!!!! My suspension trainer arrived today and I’m sooo inspired. Thank you. Better just check I won’t pull the door off its hinges!!! 😂😂

  4. At the end, I added a Y, W, and T that you show in your top 5 arm trx moves… repeated that sequence 10 times… great challenge for the end of this workout. Love your videos btw…you are real and genuine. Thanks for posting!!

  5. Kelly Noble Mirabella

    Great arm workout. I’m glad I found your videos because I was getting bored of my same old TRX workout! 😊

  6. hey your workouts, i didnt feel all that shaky, wondering if im doing something wrong. ..I dont know if you read these but anything you could add would be great.

  7. Amy, I would love more TRX workouts where you STAND the whole time, I hate to get down on the gym floor where they keep the TRX, bad location for that. At home, I am limited in my TRX space as well (narrow hallway for now). I love your workouts!

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