Third Trimester Prenatal Dumbbell Strength Workout—But Good For All Trimesters!

This 25 minute prenatal workout uses one set of dumbbells and an optional chair to work you entire body for strengthening and toning with safe but effective moves for pregnancy. Designed for the third trimester, but good for any trimester of pregnancy. Options for all fitness levels.

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12 thoughts on “Third Trimester Prenatal Dumbbell Strength Workout—But Good For All Trimesters!”

  1. I have always loved your workouts when i was expecting. I did your workouts right through the last day for my second one. I’m back in shape now. Got my pre-pregnancy weight back after almost a year. You’re doing such a great job with this. Keep it up

  2. Hey thanks for the wonderful workout.. I have just entered my third trimester and enjoying ur workouts… u got me covered for my whole pregnancy. Well would love to see post pregnancy workout for breastfeeding moms and disastis rectis .. good luck

  3. Thank you so much for all your prenatal workouts! I’m 38 weeks and still feeling great and going strong…keeping up with working out 4-5 days a week as I was doing pre-pregnancy.

  4. thank you so much for your videos! On most days I use them and feel great especially now that i am in my 3rd trimester

  5. Christine Aromando

    Love these workouts so much! I actually feel like my body is working – my arms and legs get sore, the way they used to when I worked out pre-pregnancy!

  6. Sabrina Kraehling

    Thank you Amy. I am currently 33 weeks and with my first, I did all the fitness shennanigans there were (spinnig,
    weights, running, you name it). With my 2nd, getting dressed feels like a marathon:-D 😀 I have problems with my symphysis (too much stretching/yoga like you ALWAYS emphasize but I did not listen 🙁 ) so this workout was perfect!!! I’ll stick to your 3rd trimester ones for the rest of the time. It is hard to accept to slow down so much but at least I try to stay active 🙂

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