Third Trimester Prenatal Cardio Workout—But Good for ANY Trimester of Pregnancy!

This prenatal cardio workout is designed for your third trimester but is great for first, second or third trimesters of pregnancy. Get your heart pumping for gentle, yet effective cardio to strengthen and tone your body, and help you keep feeling good during pregnancy. Options for all fitness levels.

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21 thoughts on “Third Trimester Prenatal Cardio Workout—But Good for ANY Trimester of Pregnancy!”

  1. Great workout for me at 30 weeks, its enough to make me feel like I’ve worked, but not too much that i’m totally done in. These antenatal videos never fail to make me feel better physically and mentally- they give me more energy, a really good stretch and I do notice a difference in my sleep on days when I don’t do them. Thanks for all your hard work with these vids!!

  2. I am 27 weeks, I am too lazy to go to the gym. plus I do not know what to do and not do at the gym. Having your videos easily accessible at home, makes it easier to work out. Thank you Amy.

  3. This was AMAZING! Thank you! I’m at nearly 29 weeks and haven’t been confident about what exercises are safe and reasonable at this stage of pregnancy, so I’ve just been going for walks. This takes my pregnancy workouts to a whole new level. I feel pleasantly exerted and flushed, but not overworked or exhausted. I feel super energetic and happy! I really appreciate what you’ve done by making this video!

  4. Love it! Not too heavy and not too light either! Just enough for me in my 3rd trimester. Been doing your prenatal exercises since first tri! Thanks and God bless you!

  5. I’m 34 weeks and have transitioned from weight training to body weight work and this felt so lovely! Just enough to make me feel energized and uplifted. Thank you!

  6. Nancy Ramirez Moedano

    Amy you are fantastic. Love doing exercise with you! I’m in my 31 week and I do feel fab thanks to you. I have been watching your videos since my first trimester and I’m completely pleased. I just want you to thank for all the tips and time I spent watching you. 😘😊

  7. Loved this! It was just enough for me to complete yet gave me a workout. I only have 2 weeks till my due date and it took me this long to find something that suits me.

  8. i’m 33 weeks today and this made me feel so good! it’s been hard for me to work out because i work 5 days a week and i’m always exhausted by the time i get home but this workout was perfect!!!

  9. 38 weeks today, and this one has been my go-to workout for the past week. Perfect intensity for this big bump that gets tight easily. I hope to keep doing this one for the next two weeks, or until the baby decides to come out 🙂 Amy, you have helped me keep moving through this pregnancy! THANK YOU!

  10. Epickittycat Hitt

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  11. This really helped my wife because she has had such an uncomfortable pregnancy. We live in area that gets to 105 degrees everyday during the summer so she can’t go walking like she did with our first daughter.

  12. 12 weeks pregnant with twins which means I’m already huge lol. So I chose this workout because it got my heart rate up really steady and felt really good for my body. Thank you Amy! 🙌

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