Latin Dance Workout For Your Living Room (So You Can Dance Like Nobody’s Watching)

A great dance workout lifts your spirits while torching calories, and Latin dance definitely fits that bill. Equinox instructor Nicole Steen leads this high energy dance class — she will keep you smiling as you sweat. Plus, you might just learn some new moves. So lace up your dancing shoes, press play, and get ready to bring the heat.

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37 thoughts on “Latin Dance Workout For Your Living Room (So You Can Dance Like Nobody’s Watching)”

  1. livelovelaughlila

    yay!! it’s back up ^-^ honestly don’t care whether it’s zumba, latin dance, cardio, kickboxing, etc, a workout is good when it’s fun and effective and that’s exactly what this is! Good job and please invite Nicole back for more videos!

  2. Sweet Tesla Fan

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I burned 392 calories at 1230am!!! Thank you so much Pop Sugar and Nicole…

    1. Kenzie’s Island

      Sabrina Riedl it really doesn’t matter and some steps do but it matters if your having fun and exercising and lose weight sometimes so don’t just think they don’t fit the music 👌🏾 not trying to be rude or anything

  3. I probably look like I’m lost and high at a rave dowtown somewhere born with two left feet but who cares ITS SO FUN HAHA

  4. Camirra Williamson

    I like the workout, but i wish she would take a litle more time to transition betwen moves. like the ppl behind her cant even keep up. I think like a soft march between some of the moves would help or litle going slower then faster. great workout with nice moves, but a little bit better transitions would have helped.

    1. The one on her left is a move modificator. She makes the dance moves with substitutes for those who want something more comfortable.

    2. Kenzie’s Island

      Camirra Williamson I think they’re supposed to already know the dance because they practice but they might’ve forgotten some

    1. If he is looking you through your webcam he can’t see your screen. Unless. You could hold a mirror on your lap?

  5. I like how the leading lady is in good shape. She’s my role model. She’s not a stick. When the wind blows, she doesn’t fall over. She’s strong and has muscle. I would love to have a body like her some day.

  6. shehryar qureshi

    Anna was not in her element this time – temperament wise. She’s usually so chirpy and chatty – she is the reason why I love these popsugar workouts!
    Nicole kept up the energy though. Absolutely love her routines and charisma!

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