Jabbawockeez Dance Workout, Cardio Fitness, Fit How To

Dancing requires coordination, balance, and endurance — all the makings of a strong athlete. For some cross training with a beat, we suggest adding a little hip-hop to your fitness routine. The Jabbawockeez schooled us in a few moves, and we want to share them with you. Watch the video as they break down the routine and teach you the moves, step by step. Then dance the whole routine at the end. Press play to get the dance party started.

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20 thoughts on “Jabbawockeez Dance Workout, Cardio Fitness, Fit How To”

  1. Wow!!! Lucky you girl!!! Were you starstruck!!?? I would be as they are the best dance hip hop group in the world! I am a huge fan of the Jabbawockeez! Love them guys! 🙂 I saved this video to my “Beginner’s Workout” playlists! 🙂

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