It’s a Throwback Dance Party Even Your Mom Will Love

{Presented by Samsung Galaxy Watch Active}

Remember those kitchen dance parties from your childhood? Deja Riley has created a throwback dance workout to take you back in time, and it's a perfect way to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day. In fact, Deja designed this workout, featuring old-school moves, with her mom in mind, meaning that knee-friendly, low-impact options are baked into the choreography. Use the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to track your heart rate and calories burned, and let the mother-daughter bonding begin!

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33 thoughts on “It’s a Throwback Dance Party Even Your Mom Will Love”

  1. Awww I love this! And you are definitely one of the best instructors! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mommies 😻🎁🥰😍💗❤️❤️

  2. I hope she does the Roger Rabbit!!!! Or the running man.
    Meh, i am to broke to afford a fit watch, what a tease. Ill read my heart rate the ole school holistic way. I can afford the air guitar that she plays during the workout. 💃

  3. Jennifer Cochrane

    This totally brings me back to my Jane Fonda workout videos. Love it! Doesn’t feel like a workout because the steps are easy and fun, but you still feel that burn 😘

  4. Please bring the variety back! There have been so many dance workouts lately, I hope Popsugarfitness won’t turn into a dance channel. I understand that some people enjoy them, but others don’t. I’d like to see more cardio, strength, barre, pilates, yoga!

    1. Caitlin Dwyer

      Especially now that they’re doing dance videos every Wednesday. It’s really unfortunate to see less variety which is what made Popsugar so great.

    2. I have a feeling this is their new approach. It seems they are trying to steer you into paying for the good workouts now. 😫

  5. Danni Sheridan

    Cute and everything but its another dance workout. Which tbh I’m not a huge fan of. The last cardio abs workout with the girls all wearing the rock wear was months ago and was the last non dance workout we had. I really hope theres some weignts or resistance bands or cardio workout again. 😊😊

    1. Danni Sheridan

      @Allison Hirschorn thankyou for that suggestion I just one of hers! Amazing. Definitely will be my new daily workout for now on

    2. @Allison Hirschorn Sydney is amazing! If there are any other channels offering 30-60mins of full workouts please suggest!

    3. Reshmi Sethuraman

      @shubhy thakur try christine salus, heather robertson, bodyfit by Amy . Chloe ting and emi wong are good too.

    4. Kaitlyn Arendsen

      @Allison Hirschorn Sydney Cummings is the BEST! I do her workouts most of the time and Popsugar when I want something a little easier.

  6. Not a fan of sponsored videos. Also where are the bollywood workout videos? They are so much fun and lively.
    Would also like to see more workouts using resistance bands, skipping rope, hand weights etc…essentially toning workouts…especially with Summer right around the corner

  7. A whisper of Patricia

    I suffer from depression and anxiety, Deja these workouts give me the strength/motivation I seriously need to stay alive.

    1. @Daisy351 Wow this means so much to me ladies! So happy to have you two working out with me <3

  8. Amanda Falocco

    Eh… PopSugar has put out better fitness content, but good for those days you don’t want a high impact workout.

  9. Fun to do some dance and work on some serious cardio. I’m drenched and all muscles are worked out well. Very pleased that PopSugar thought about a mother’s day tribute. Really enjoyed it!

  10. Victoria Rabanal

    absolutely loved it! I didn’t even realize I was working out because of how much fun the dance moves were! it went by super quickly.

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