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    1. I was watching this and thinking, “have I seen this video before?” Then I realized the same about Gabrielle lol I think if Gabrielle Union and Mia Long had a baby it would look like her. she’s beautiful!

  1. My juice celery, green apples and ginger…. It tasted awesome. It definitely cleans me out…. No cramping at all.

  2. Nice to see you so excited. I’m really glad you triumphed after the first day & didn’t give up💪. What a wonderful gift the creator has given us to heal our miraculous bodies.

    1. Yes I tend to be excited about things I’m passionate about! I am so glad I didn’t give up after the 1st day! Thank God I committed myself to the challenge or I may have very well given up. Thanks so much for watching 😀

    2. JAMES BOND FAN 007

      LoveLexyNicole not much if a challenge to be honest, not when you’re eating other food…A challenge is celery juice only, nothing else.

  3. shawaunkeepit100

    you sold this celery juice!💯 you need a check!😂 I will certainly try this since I’m a bloater esp when it’s that time of the month so thanks for this celery vid!

    1. Haha you made me laugh out loud. I guess I am a little too passionate about celery juice hehe. But yes it really does help with bloating.

    2. JAMES BOND FAN 007

      Try an avocado a day just up to your period and during….lots of water, cut sugar and starchy white foods and drink celery juice and get out and walk in the sun too 😁

  4. I’ve tried celery juice in the past on an empty stomach in the mornings. I find that it is salty; natural salt of course, however I don’t cook with salt and I can taste the salt in the celery juice.

  5. I did my first celery juice this morning. Within 15 min I was running to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom 4 times within an hour! I know TMI.

    1. laura hoogsteden I don’t have to go to the toilet after either. I think it’s a good sign that it’s being assimilated and absorbed.

    2. Celery stalks has a sticker that says : “Caution…may cause extreme poop doing celery challenge”!😂😂😂😎✌

    3. Just think that was all backed up inside your bowels. The longer it sits in there the more likely it turns toxic. So consider it a victory in health!

  6. Crystal Mitchell

    I love the celery juice, I love the taste all by itself. I did it for eight days. Initially I didn’t like it because it actually interrupted my normal morning elimination. I continued to do it and by day 3 I noticed that it pushed my regular morning elimination to later in the morning, so it changed from eliminating around 5:30am to around 10am and adding another elimination around 3pm. Now I am eliminating after meals, also the pain in my knees around my joints has decreased. This will probably be a life long staple in my morning regiment.

  7. she has about 7 oz of cerlery juice, which is not that much. If you want the real benefit of celery juice you will need 16oz to 24 oz per day.

    1. Actually I drink 16oz-20oz every morning. I drink 2-4 of those glasses you just didn’t see that in the video. The juicer won’t allow me to use a larger cup.

    2. Yep, that’s a fact. I’ve heard and read that too many times. Gotta go for that 16oz. Ugh! But the taste tho. Im still willing to try it.

    3. Watering Heart's B

      NOT true. I drank only sips a day each morning and it has changed my life. The sips prove it still works without me drinking so much.

  8. Another TMI, but I have bad womanly times (if you know what I mean). This morning I had bad cramps. I didn’t take an Advil. I drank celery juice and they completely went away! It was amazing!

    1. awesome to know! another good thing for hormone issues is certain herbs. just do your research first to know more before u take anything. Pueraria Mirifica is for balancing estrogen – high or low (start slow with this one, its potent, and some people can only take it the first half of their cycle, or from days 8 to 21. but make sure u get the real deal – which is hard! i suggest Naturepaq (siam natural is the real brand in Thailand which is the only place that herb grows – but naturepaq is there U.S. website. u can order from either.) They have other things for men and woman!!
      Then there is Fenugreek, Red clover, Flax seed, etc.etc. just do some research. Also saw palmetto, Reishi mushroom and Green Tea are all great for blocking DHT (the bad androgen converted from testosterone – good for men or woman to take, helps acne, hair loss, etc.) And for progesterone u can get progesterone cream (I suggest the brand Organic Excellence because there’s chemicals and stuff. U can get one with or without herbs that also help estrogen.) They also sell shampoo and conditioner which is important because any product u use (or food u eat) that isn’t organic has chemicals and xenoestrogens which mess with hormone levels and cause cancer. Calia is another great brand and they put very minimal glycerin in their products which is good bcuz it can cause frizz in certain weather conditions – just an FYI lol. Other brands I suggest are Global Healing Center, Body Deli, Greenbush, Just Nutritive, Garden of life, Hawaii Pharm, Shea moisture (good cheap option but check each product first cuz some have chemicals) and other supplements, foods & herbs to look into for hormone health: Digestive & systematic enzymes & probiotics (I suggest Global healing center 1st, Garden of life 2nd), DIM, Zinc, Shatavari extract, Vitex (mostly used for progesterone but can be tricky to nail down your needed dose and isn’t right for everyone so do your research), bananas, raspberries, Wild yam extract, Dandelion root, alfalfa, barley, Dong Quai, coconut oil, fennel, there really is so much! sorry for the huge message lol, but i know what hormone issues r like, and if your cycle is painful or hard in any way, there is something wrong.

    2. Potassium Glutamine is great for cramping and muscle spasms as well ladies. You can get them in supplement form, but try to find the vegan capsules😉 Live Well….

    3. Shanney Lynn Phares

      wow her cramps went away…I stay belly sick like up-chucking to put it worded in the nicest way i can. Im diabetic type1 its awful and my legs are terrible

    1. Yes, she did great!! Celery is extremely affordable and probably 5 times cheaper then the any liquor and has 100 times more health benefits!

  9. Well I have Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes, and most of the time I live in a wheelchair, and sometimes I’m able to walk for a few minutes when my meds kick in. So, I started drinking 16 oz of celery juice a week and a half ago in the mornings with nothing else as Anthony William, the medical medium says in his book called “Celery Juice” that I bought. So the first three days were 16 oz in the morning and oh boy after that I started rushing to the bathroom getting cleaned out real good. So I stopped drinking it for 2 days to let my bowels catch up with me lol. And then I scaled it down to 8 ounces every morning since then except I have perhaps wanted to the past days for 16 oz. The thing is I have type 2 diabetes and I felt like it was too many carbs there for a while, but these last two days I’m noticing that my blood sugar readings have been coming down pretty low such as 92 and 99 instead of up in 200s and 300s! So these last couple of days I’ve been wondering works regulating my blood sugar? I’m really starting to believe wholeheartedly in celery juice and so is my husband and the CNA who comes and helps me in the mornings! Okay, this was the seventh straight day of having the celery juice and I’m looking forward to seeing what else it will do for me. I’m hoping it will start keeping my diabetes in check, and hopefully that will help alleviate the Parkinson’s disease in a someway. Looking forward to what else celery juice can do for me! Cheers! Here’s to celery juice!

    1. P.G. Brexit /Co2

      The Main Aim is to drink Celery juice to Cleanse your body, It’s the TOXINS in your body that make you RUN to the Bathroom to get rid of them.
      Hence the Celery juice is doing it’s job & Working.

      SLAMMING Your body with a Large OVERDOSE of Anything will Cause SOME Major Effect.

      Start by drinking 4oz for 2 or 3 days ?
      Build up Slowly to 6 oz, then 8 oz etc. all the way to 16 oz after a few days. Or a week Maybe ? then continue 16 oz for a few days / a week etc.

      16oz everyday is like hitting A Solid brick wall with your body & digestive system.

      AS With all things,
      Start Slowly, & Build up to suit your own Body.
      Simply Take A few Weeks to build up.
      Celery Juice, Or any other Juice is NOT AN OVERNIGHT CURE for Everything !

      Long Slow Gradual Build up , Then Steady Constant Use over many weeks or months is required to have ANY REAL Effect on your body & health.

      16 oz per day for 7 days is a TOTAL OVERDOSE & could make anyone very Ill.
      Build up your Dose Slowly. Then Decrease to a moderate level, Then Continue with a Suitable quantity long term.
      Alternate Daily with Carrot juice & other juices to your Taste & local Seasonal Availability.
      Many other Fruit or Veg Juices are also very powerful in helping Cure your body / Lose Weight etc.
      Try to Vary what Juice you drink. Each Veg’ has Different Vitamins, Nutrients, & other Good Stuff.

      Juice the Cheapest Local Seasonal Fruit & veg Available in your area & season.

      The Sugars in Fruit & veg are NATURAL Sugars, NOT man made PROCESSED Sugars !!
      Never ADD Sugar to Fruit,
      Instead use a sweeter fruit to Naturally sweeten the Juice.
      IF Not Available ? Then Use PURE Natural HONEY to Sweeten sour / Bitter Fruit.

  10. I just started drinking celery juice (Vitamix) and I feel like I am on to something. I’ve been purchasing mine in bagged bunches from TJ’s. Will also check out Costco. 16 oz here I come! Ty for sharing.

  11. people in comments asking about “Organic” 😂LMAO, It’s all grown in the same field, the nice looking product is just labeled “organic”
    Grow it yourself for true organic

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