69 thoughts on “I drank CELERY JUICE for 7 Days and this is what happened…”

  1. Tōnatiuh🌞Gaze👁️

    You will always feel a little sick as the body begins the detoxification process. Push through everybody!

    1. Tōnatiuh🌞Gaze👁️

      @Josh D. You must not live on this planet FULL OF TOXINS IN THE FOOD WATER AND AIR. Livers and kidneys that do not have to filter out Aluminum Borium and Stratnophrium on a daily basis do am excellent job but that just ISN’T THE CASE ANYMORE IS IT? And now PLASTIC IS FOUND IN EVERY LIVING BEING. Plastic residue inside your liver and kidneys and you are out here on a video of cleansing to what? Tell people that cleansing their bodies isn’t necessary. GTFO MY COMMENT WITH YOUR DISGUSTING INTENTIONS. AND YOUR MISINFORMATION.

    2. Tōnatiuh🌞Gaze👁️

      @Erin Rose no you are not alone there are so many of us learning to heal ourselves. Listen to your body while educating yourself. Have an amazing journey. 😊🌿

    3. Tōnatiuh🌞Gaze👁️

      @aisieukeopi i love your response. I noticed Josh didn’t respond to your Excellent comment. You got it right on the head. I appreciate your response and I am sending you good vibes for a life time friend. 🌞🌿💚😊🌺🌻🌹

  2. april rose Harvey

    If i have her skin. I only need mascara, little concealer or no need and lip balm. My Gosh! She’s pretty

    1. @Kerry 528hz
      Yes naturally pretty girl
      Talking about how good benefits celery juice glows your skin and dissappear dark spot very healthy

  3. I like how the mason jar kept getting smaller and smaller! I was waiting for day 7 to be a baby food jar! Lol, great video, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. “You look better without makeup”
    Guys. Maybe she wears makeup because she enjoys it? Yes her skin is beautiful, but if she wants to wear makeup then she can wear makeup. This video is about celery juice, not her wearing makeup.

    1. The Hankersons

      Right. I was thinking the same thing….like..ok!!! She didn’t ask for any beauty advice or opinions. She beautiful with or without.

  5. Mr and Mrs Delicious

    I drink the pulp also, it’s the best part! Really gets you cleaned out quick!
    I like to use my blender, chop up the celery and throw it in with 1/2 cup of water.. And you don’t have to clean out the juicer or waste the pulp.

    1. Mr and Mrs Delicious

      @Tina Drabble 3-4 stalks blended with a cup of water add a bit of water to make it more liquid as desired.

    2. I was thinking to do this, but thought using the blender will make it have chunks. Did you have chunks ? I don’t want to strain it as I feel doing that will extract the good stuff, the pulp.

  6. Jørgen Fallet Mosand

    try add ginger, lime (with peel) and honey/sugar/sweetener to the juicer 😉 😉 😉 it taste so goood. Celery is a great juice/smoothie taste, but it needs some sweet fruit to help it.

  7. I wish I had my life together like this. perfect skin, eating/drinking healthy, reading a book every morning!!!
    UPDATE: ofc I know nobody’s life is perfect lol stop telling me this I wasn’t being completely serious

    1. I’m trying to get there too! However, I wish people would stop making comments about how this girl’s life, or any youtuber/online persona at that, is a facade. We don’t know her life, and we don’t have to convince ourselves that it is all a show just to feel better about our own situation. Everyone’s different, and it’s okay to not be as quick as others are in “getting their life together.” I hope we all can get to where we would like to be!

    2. Warren mansfield

      Brush her teeth first thing. Cool then trying detox celery juice. Let’s think about the expense. It’s allot of celery. I could join in the nastyness but ah nah I’ll pass. I think we are getting a picture. She says no other changes accept drinking the juice. It’s fair information. From a brave gal sharing her life on the internet. She is adamant about sharing her idea of doing Good, being organized and living proper. It’s a cleanse. 7 days. Is the time of the cleanse. See your doctor. Lemon daily super good for you. Half a lemon in two cups of water with three slices of cucumber. Will make your days clearer in all ways. Just try it

  8. I needa get me a juicer. I can relate with the daily strughle if bloatedness so I cant wait to try this.
    (With or without make up you look amazing! )

    1. @Miranda Taylor not true seeing that apples have antioxidants mostly are water and have several digestive minerals

    2. @Jalil Morris Yes it’s 100% true. I juice green apple in just about everything so I’m not against apple lol. But for this celery juice cleanse it is very important that it’s only 100% celery juice or these benefits will not work. This cleanse was created by Medical Medium. There are plenty of his videos to watch online where he will state do not mix it many times.

  9. I used to be healthy and hit the gym all the time.. After having a problem with depression I became so
    U healthy. My skin went to crap, my energy levels were always low, I was bloated and ugly all the time, and my hair was falling out. After doing these juice cleanses. Within a week my skin started bouncing back and I wasn’t tired during the day at all. It works people. Get yo vitamins and minerals

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