how to make THICK SMOOTHIE BOWLS + 3 recipes

hope that you all can now make the smoothie bowl of ur dreams !!!!!!!!


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– how old are you? 16.
– where do you live? southern california.
– what blender do you use?
– how long have you been vegan for? 2+ years.

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61 thoughts on “how to make THICK SMOOTHIE BOWLS + 3 recipes”

  1. my 3 biggest tips:
    1. all frozen fruits
    2. some liquid, but not too much (around 1/2 cup)
    3. push contents down if necessary between blending

    also, the bowls are from !

    YAY hope these tips help so u can now make the best smoothie bowls on earth 🥰🥰
    let me know if these help!

  2. I’ve been vegetarian my whole life and I just went fully vegan after a few years transitioning and I’m 13 have you got any tips for being a healthy and balanced vegan? Your videos have been so helpful!💗🌿

    1. Rachel Moule cool! I’ve been veggie for about three weeks and turned vegan a few days ago, I love it 😂

    2. Issy 123 Well I’ve never actually eaten meat before but I can imagine that you would feel lighter and more invigorated! Keep going! It is worth it for the animals and for your health. Besides I eat like a queen!😂👍💗🌿

    3. cometomychannelandsubscribebcineedmoney yup

      I have been vegetarian my whole life. I think it makes you feel lighter and more self aware . Search up vegetarian snacks you will be surprised 😉 they are so good

  3. Tipp for broke people who cannot afford an expensive blender: put your frozen fruit little by little into it! It will work and won’t destroy your blender 😂

    1. Luckly i have a vitamix blender and it doesnt brake even when i do that it gets slightly damaged

    2. hcocaligurl318

      Big tip! Go to amazon for a good blender on Black Friday deals! I got a great ninja with 3 parts. Normal large blender, 2 single serving cups and one for processing/ dough. For $80!!! This was best deal and I use it just about every day!

    1. watermelon munch studio Sharief I’m not the same person but I have heard of and I can’t find them ANYWHERE

    2. @watermelon munch studio Sharief omg yeh i have but ive only seen them in restaurants like veggie grill , not at the store so ive never gotten around to trying it :/

    3. @watermelon munch studio Sharief i’ve tasted that and i can say that it’s like eating a burguer, i promise. the only difference is that you’re not killing animals eating that 🙂

  4. tip for people w/put the cups like her 🙂
    you can take a glass about the same size as one of the smoothie cups and measure everything there and put it in the blender when ready!!

  5. Monzerrat Ruiz

    I wanna become/ try to be vegan but yk the fam likes to eat everything and think that vegan food must taste horrible 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Omg literally same I went dairy free about 3 days ago and they think it’s stupid and that everything dairy free is gross😂

  6. Tanesha Gelastopoulos

    I broke my blender twice (which was the same as yours) from making thick smoothies. This over works your blender, be careful people

    1. i wanna make one but i don’t wanna get in trouble for breaking my vita mix so i’m gonna risk it 🤠

  7. A fun option is to swap out your plant milk with fruit juices (I like orange juice and coconut water). I love that she doesn’t use ice cubes

  8. Trick: If your too lazy or dont have frozen fruits, you can use shattered ice and it will mix in with the fruits

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