How to Make Nice Cream Thick & Creamy (Full Tutorial)

One of the most common questions I get is how I make my nice cream or smoothie bowls so thick and creamy. Many people struggle with this because they use too much liquid in their bowls and/or no frozen fruit. In this video I give you a full tutorial of how I make my perfect smoothie bowls with that fluffy, creamy and thick texture everyone wants!

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55 thoughts on “How to Make Nice Cream Thick & Creamy (Full Tutorial)”

  1. It’s perfect to make an ice cream without milk or sugar, just fresh from frozen fruits with blender. Thanks a lot..

    1. Erm….Blended fruits IS sugar. Even worse, your destroyed the fiber molecules in the fruit, and turned it into a pure fructose hit for your liver…..Insulin resistance in a bowl……Keep it whole!

    2. @Fiona Fay but if you keep it whole, you ruin the purpose of icecream/nicecream. Plus nicecream/ice cream isn’t supposed to be packed with fiber in the first place.

    3. Bobby Stottlemyer

      @Fiona Fay Blending fruit doesn’t destroy/remove fiber molecules. You’re just physically breaking the fruit up into much smaller pieces, it doesn’t compromise any chemical components. Juicing the fruit is what can remove some fiber since you’re filtering out the fleshy parts of the fruit and only keeping the juice.

    1. Natalia Flórez

      @knuddelmuddel0611 There are 3 kinds of pitaya in the world. In Colombia we have yellow pitaya

    2. Avery_ Contortion

      Guys you don’t need to keep correcting them, they made one little mistake, it’s been corrected, the word sounds similar, I thought she said papaya too until I started reading comments about pitaya.

    3. Candice Chruscial

      Crypto Global News Team no … you misunderstood stood her… than jumped on your soapbox… 🤦🏽‍♀️ all to common these days

  2. Crystalline Entity

    How funny, I made this this morning with frozen pitaya pieces. I wish I could get ahold of fresh pitaya. Beautiful!

    1. BossLadyTV it works for me in my super cheap blender. It takes a while. I let the bananas soften a little bit before I blend them.

    2. Avery_ Contortion

      I had a vitamix, but I still had some problems with it, and it also tasted so bad.. I did a chocolate banana recipe I found, not not good. Maybe I’ll do mango with the rest of my frozen bananas.

    3. Yes of course!! I tried it like three times before I got it! Only add a little bit of liquid in the beginning than in between blending push it down with a spoon or fork etc but don’t blend for too long or else it’s not gonna be thick and creamy. I hoped I helped 😉

    4. You can try to cut it smaller,or after you blended it put it in the freezer a little bit and it will become thicker and more like ice cream

    1. You can use a hand-held blender of 350 watt instead. I’m from the Netherlands so I don’t know how much they cost in the USA but in the Netherlands you can get them for like $30 (I have mine for 3 years and it still works great) . I always use that instead of waisting $550 on a blender.

    2. Go to Walmart and get a ninja blender. It works great and half the cost. I make my thick smoothies from it EVERYDAY!

  3. Amanda De La Torre

    If you don’t have an expensive blender you can use a food processor and use the cheese grater attachment and a little almond milk and it’ll come out really well. Also, it’s super important not to over blend. Your blender/food processor heats up pretty quickly when you’re using it and it’ll start to melt the fruit. Blend for the minimum amount of time

  4. Guys ! YES you can make an banana ice cream with a cheap blender ! But you just have to put your banana and blend, for me it turn into a small piece but next i take a spoon and push the banana in the bottom of the blender and blend you just have to repeat this 2/3 times and you have a banana ice cream without any milk ! When i put milk the ice cream melts faster so dont put milk or water 🙂

    (btw my english is not perfect uhu)

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