23 thoughts on “How to do a Kettlebell swing”

  1. I find the most effective thing you can do is let the bell fall as far back between your legs as possible. Puts more power into the swing and hinge. This is a great video, please share more!

    1. +IHeArTrOcK20 Many of us do it wrong in the beginning because our muscle memory wants to make it a squat and raise so don’t stress, you’ll get there! It takes time to master! Glad this could be helpful 🙂

  2. Amy, I really like that you mention that we don’t have to get the kettlebell up to high. Usually at the peak of my swing it is below the chest and I was wondering if I was doing it right. This was an incredible demonstration. Thank you.

  3. Amy thank you so much for sharing. I bought a 2.5kg kettle bell only to read on line that i need a heavier weight than that. Yesterday i bought a 7.5kg and can’t wait to try your technique. I am trying to loose 30kgs for health reasons. I have started walking and jogging as well but a colleague suggested i add kettle bells too. I am checking out your other videos and can’t wait to start on my journey. Thank you too much.

  4. Thank you for this excellent instructional video! I just got my kettlebell and am looking forward to getting it better shape with this perfect piece of exercise equipment!

  5. I had flatlined on my reps because I always worked my arms to get it high enough, oops
    I’ll probably level up knowing this now 🙂 thank you!

  6. Thank you for the clear explanation and execution. You are officially the person who made me understand how to do this movement. Thank you 🙂

  7. Thank you for these tips as well as the ones on the 10 minute workout. I really appreciate it that you actually do more than just warn us to be safe; you guide us. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks Amy. I was looking for a reminder/how-to do this again, and your video is great. All your videos are great. 🙂

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