Here’s What Smoothie Bowl You Should Make Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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86 thoughts on “Here’s What Smoothie Bowl You Should Make Based On Your Zodiac Sign”

    1. AnnieNorthman89

      TheWebArchitect I wouldn’t say everywhere, just on certain channels I happen to love and support

    2. AnnieNorthman89

      TheWebArchitect I normally font comment on buzzfeed or goodful videos but thus was a random moment because these smoothie bowls do look good 🙂

    1. Crystal Cherry:DDD

      My friend is a Cancer and most of the zodiac sign food she gets is peanut butter and she’s allergic too

  1. honey lavender bakery

    i feel like the bowl is just for aesthetic purposes, and if i were actually going to make this i’d just put it in a glass ahaha

  2. I guess you all don’t understand that smoothie bowls are in a bowl because they are thicker than a regular smoothie🤦duh.

    1. kermit why so bitter ? It’s a little sad if you ask me haha. Accusing others of being the smoothie police yet here you are.. policing people.

    2. The lizard holds the power

      R a c h e l I was just stating my point of how the smoothies can be any texture and be in a bowl, while people start fighting that it *must* be a certain thickness. :/

  3. Benjamin Liang

    Cool I got the chocolate one………. YAYA

    Sagittarius, Leo, taurus and Gemini seem the tastiest

    1. I’m taurus and I can’t STAND bananas. I can’t even take the smell of it. Replace it with strawberries the maybe

    2. @The Fox omg yes. I can’t even eat banana & wish for a strawberry or blueberry with some ice. Tsktsk .

    1. Me but I don’t like most of the ingredients in the Leo smoothie bowl, plus I’m not bright and sunny lol

  4. Ok, I know this is all for aesthetic purposes, but tell me why I literally just ate my zodiac smoothie bowl (all exact ingredients) before watching this video?? Cancer btw.

    1. Letícia Telles de souza

      When you’re Leo and *LOVES* pineapple.
      When you’re Leo and your favorite fruit is *PINEAPPLE*

  5. That Sagittarius one looks so good…. I just want all of those smoothie’s 😍♥️
    By the way I’m Sagittarius ♐

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