Acai Bowl, Coconut Chocolate Milkshake, Green, and Watermelon Slushy.

Four recipes of my ultimate favorite vegan summer time smoothies! All 4 ingredients or less!

The Menu:
1. Acai Smoothie Bowl
2. Vegan Coconut Chocolate Milkshake
3. Leftover Green Smoothie
4. Watermelon Lime Slushy

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  1. Daniela Domiņa

    Hi, Ney and others, I’m going to Miami next week, can you recommend me some places to visit there? :)) or maybe where I should drive with car (Orlando or smth) thanks ! (Sorry for my english) 💕💋

    1. I’ve actually only been to Miami twice and it was for work so I’m not much help in that area. Sorry! Have fun!

  2. It’s Ramadan fasting I have summer fruit smoothie and you know what it keep me going all day don’t even get hungry

  3. I did a lot of smoothies last year but since it’s summer time again I’m looking on YouTube that may have other smoothie ideas ….. But to throw in some smoothie I whipped up is basically unorthodox

    I’ll just be honest last year I would buy a whole watermelon and cut up half and than the other half I would blend it in magic bullet and drink it and it is my fave

    I do a lot strawberry and mango stuff banana yogurt and other stuff

    I wanna find someone youtubing putting cliff bar in a smoothie already cliff bar has so many good ingredients I’m thinking about doing cliff bar with some pbutter and maybe buy a premade drink that may liquify make it like drink consistency that has yogurt I dk the terminology I usually just make watermelon into melon water so I gotta get some recipes from the outside world!!!


  4. Michelle Raquet

    Nice! Looks great, question tho. I often make my smoothies for work the night before & refrigerate them Sometimes they aren’t as good when I do this, I guess from sitting. I saw you said you put them in the freezer, does that keep it fresher? & How long does it have to thaw before you can drink it?

    1. I would have to guess approx. 250-300calories.

      For a beverage it is pretty high, but the trick is that it keeps you full for an extended amount of time.

  5. UrbanExplorer1000

    still so much sugar. also by not chewing food you are not initiating the first critical part of digestion which is amylase secretion which stimulates stomach acid. I know so many people who made themselves sick drinking smoothies every day. in prehistoric times people didnt blend their food and make drinks they picked off the tree and ate it

  6. Hi. Thanks for sharing your recipes. How do keep your bananas from not browning in the freezer? My bananas always turn brown after I freeze them. It makes them not appealing to eat.

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