Get Cameron Diaz’s Sexy Legs With Her Trainer Teddy Bass!


In her new movie Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz makes being bad look so good. Talk about rocking the short shorts! We met up with her longtime trainer Teddy Bass to learn Cameron's leg-toning moves. Here are three exercises that will get your stems in Hollywood shape. For an extra challenge, Teddy likes to add a squeezable ball (in the Fall, keep a lookout for Teddy's own line of exercise balls) to his workouts. Check out his moves when you watch the video.

7 thoughts on “Get Cameron Diaz’s Sexy Legs With Her Trainer Teddy Bass!”

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  3. For the first move, he says to lift the left leg and reach the RIGHT hand to the floor, but later demonstrations with the ball show that the left leg is lifted, but the LEFT hand reaches the floor instead. So which is which? I’m confused.

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