Find Out How Blake Lively Gets Those Long, Lean Legs!

Tonight marks the start of Gossip Girl's final season, where we're all sure to get a glimpse of Blake Lively's long and lean legs. While a good set of genes play a part in Blake's statuesque figure, the actress has worked out with celebrity trainer Bobby Strom to strengthen and tone her already-fit body. In this latest installment of Get the Bod, we meet with Bobby's wife, and fellow trainer, Alicia Strom to find out which exercises are essential for achieving a strong set of legs. Grab a pair of dumbbells, mini-resistance bands, and a weighted medicine ball and then see the four leg-centric moves that Alicia recommends!

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10 thoughts on “Find Out How Blake Lively Gets Those Long, Lean Legs!”

    1. Strom Fitness Lifestyle

      HOLA si haces tu ejercicios a mínimo 45 minutos 3 días de la semana,..como en un mes puedes mirar un cambio y con cardio a mínimo 2 días/ a la semana hasta mas pronto comienzas a mirar tus sexy piernas!

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