Cardio and Abs 10 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Blasting and Core Toning

This quick 10 minute workout on the mat uses high intensity interval training to burn fat and calories while sculpting your abs . Alternate intervals of ab exercises with higher intensity cardio exercises that still work your abs. Your heart will be pumping the whole time, and you abs will be burning!

23 thoughts on “Cardio and Abs 10 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Blasting and Core Toning”

    1. BodyFit By Amy thanks! I’ve been doing the 1st video 4 times a week for the past 3 months 🙂 just did the 2nd one for the 1st time and am shaking 🙂

  1. Hi Amy. I am slim all over but am getting significant weight on my belly. I must confess I do eat quite a bit of rice or pasta (I have tried brown but don’t like them). Is it possible to lose the belly fat without having to completely get rid of white carbs and grains? I don’t eat tonnes of junk and I usually cook from scratch.

    1. Kizzi blue I’m no expert but to lose belly fat you have to cut on all of those or you’ll get skinny fat

    2. Thanks…Yep I have just created a diet plan to cut out all of the things I know I shouldn’t be eating. Need to get rid off this belly fat!!!!

  2. aleksandra luna

    Dear Amy after following your 4 week challenge programme I can say that I finally lost 10 kg. All that after four pregnancies and breast feeding periods.When you add all together almost seven years without regular physical activity.Thanx dear

  3. meghaa sharmaa

    love ur workout videos learn a lot and it helped me in my weight loss and getting stronger day by day

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