Cameron Diaz’s Trainer Gives us a Custom 10-Minute Legs and Glutes Workout!

Rock your bikini bottoms with this 10-minute workout created exclusively for us by Teddy Bass, Cameron Diaz's longtime trainer. Add this workout, full of lunges and leg lifts, to your weekly fitness routine, and you'll have a toned derrière by beach season.

20 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz’s Trainer Gives us a Custom 10-Minute Legs and Glutes Workout!”

  1. I’m a fitness instructor and we did this workout on Friday. Wow! I got a few complaints (you know, the love-hate-love kind) and plenty more on Monday. It kicks in after the workout is over. Great workout!!!

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  3. Transform Fitness

    “I’m asking a question…Thank-you.” Am I the only one who gets annoyed every time I do this workout and hear him being rude?

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  7. It’s very rude, it caught me a bit of guard when I heard it the first time. And Zelana did respond but but I guess he couldn’t hear it while raising his voice.

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  13. modifications are not done as needed- for example exercise #2- one could hold on to their leg. My students never hang without support- #backsafe

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