Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes Latin Dance Workout | Class FitSugar

Torch calories and have a blast with Equinox Zumba instructor, Nicole Steen.

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47 thoughts on “Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes Latin Dance Workout | Class FitSugar”

  1. Precious barrington

    trying to exercise quietly in my mom’s house lol this not quiet at all.. I enjoyed this!🖤:-D

    1. Amy Silva jones

      I truly enjoy referring to my fast weight loss. I buried 22 pounds and lost many inches within my belly. This diet I’m following regulates the entire organism. The dietary plan is in this website here *TOP2DIET . COM*

  2. I’m drenched in sweat! Finally a challenging workout that is not boring. Hope you post more like this.

  3. Jeez the comments are so negative… everyone’s saying she’s fat, she cant dance, and they shouldn’t be dancing this dance because they are not Hispanic. Last time I checked your ethnic background doesnt limit you or others to a certain type of dance. People just need to get over themselves and enjoy the video workout as it is, and not pick it apart because of insecurities

  4. omgosh, I love her energy so much! Does she have a channel of her own?? This was so fun and uplifting!

    1. NicoleSteenFitness

      Lila Chiu thank you! Check out some of my Zumba And Hip Hop Dance routines on my YouTube Channel @NicoleLovesFire 🙂

    2. livelovelaughlila

      omg, I did this again today (just now, actually still *glowing* right now) and seriously I haven’t had so much fun doing a workout in a LOOOONG time, and the best part was that it didn’t even feel like a workout! Both days, I went in feeling overwhelmed and stressed with everyday life and then after this workout, I come out feeling motivated and empowered??? How is that possible to reach that feeling in 30 minutes what I’ve been trying to do for a whole year?? Girl, your energy is seriously a gem <3 Thank you for brightening my day; definitely heading over to your channel to check your videos!

  5. Absolutely loved this workout and I hope there’ll be more zumba workouts in the future. They are fun but get your heart rate up anyway. As for the naysayers, I really don’t care if this is real zumba or not, it’s a hell of a lot of fun and sometimes that’s the only thing that matters. There’s soo many workouts on youtube, if you don’t like a certain one, just do one of the countless others.

    1. Idk
      I do this exercise with my diet .. until now I lost 14 kg
      + I have a burn fat suit .. I use it as well + I go to the gym whenever I have time

    2. Aey .Qatar wow, that’s really good, how long did it took for you to lose 14kg? I’m trying to lose weight too, I tried to starve myself but keep failing and it’s not healthy at all.

    3. Aey .Qatar I tried to do the low calorie diet, just 500 calories everyday but I couldn’t get any sleep because of my hunger and I don’t want the yo-yo effect or get anorexic . Could you maybe give me some advice?

    4. Idk I start my diet on October 2018, I went to nutrition doctor.. starving ur self is a huge mistake, and don’t go through a hard diet because u will gain weight so fast when u stop … try to do it on the right way and healthy way so it will last forever

    5. Idk My doctor told me to do the no carb diet, it’s really good and u will be surprised on the weight u will lose if u really committed to it and exercise daily

  6. This was fun! BUT I’ve learned an important lesson, I’m an awful dancer. Still got a good sweat and had fun but man.. my hips do lie.

  7. I’m a male personal trainer & I find all of “PopSugarFitness” videos by Anna amazingly inspirational!

  8. So fun! I appreciate that Anna messes up every now and then. It’s great modeling that we don’t have to do everything perfectly, but that trying it out and having a positive outlook are most important 🙂

  9. Ashley J. Woods

    I thought my roommates had left for work when I started this video, but they definitely caught me in the living room doing these dance moves very poorly…

  10. I have never smiled so much during a workout:) And guys, if you`re scared to try this because dancing is not your strong point, don`t worry! You can have absolutely no moves and still get into the rhythm:) I did! BTW y`all are beautiful!

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