*BONUS* Green Smoothie Recipe | Collab with Rebecca Zamolo

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Green Smoothie

1 cup baby kale
1 cup baby spinach
1/2 cup mango
1/4 cup strawberries
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup raspberries
1/4 cup tofu
1/2 cup water

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34 thoughts on “*BONUS* Green Smoothie Recipe | Collab with Rebecca Zamolo”

  1. Muhammed Abdullah

    Does anyone else think Rebecca Zamolo looks like a slightly older, blonder version of the beautiful Anna Kendrick!?!?

    1. +jose ortiz i’m all for 50% frozen 50% room temperatured smoothie ingredients, blending it to a thick almost ice cream consistency and eating it like yoghurt. i can’t drink smoothies at all, i must eat them with a spoon. 😛

    2. I always make my smoothies creamy and ice cold! But when I have to carry then on the go to the gym or whatever, I make room temperature so it doesn’t “sweat” inside my backpack, but when I’m gonna drink right away always always ice cold lol

  2. I just love this…. I laughed when the fancy new blender didn’t cooperate… love true to life videos, because everyday isn’t pintrest perfect. Great job girls! The smoothie looks delicious

    1. The Domestic Geek

      +Natalie K Thank you so much Natalie!! My blender at home is so basic. I can’t keep up with all this fancy blender technology 😉

  3. Alejandra Flores

    2 cups of spinach
    1 banana
    Little bit of cantaloupe & pineapple
    Has 13 g of protein and is delicious

    You should also look up how much protein you need based in your height and weight
    An excess of protein can also be damaging over time

  4. Nice trick with the tofu, I don’t know why I’ve never thought about it before! Since I don’t want to buy any kind of protein powder, I love this idea. Thanks for the tip. PS: You look amazing with those glasses!

  5. I Love this channel, so it’s very hard to be negative… but i would not class this as a Green Smoothie… This is my daily Green Smoothie…
    200gr Ice
    200ml Almond Milk.
    100gr Cucumber.
    75gr Brocoli or Kale.
    75gr Celery.
    75gr Spinach.
    30ml Fresh Lemon Juice.
    piece Fresh Ginger.
    1 Banana (100gr).
    1 Apple (100gr).

    Crush the ice first in your blender alternatively use very cold water (200ml). Always put liquids in your blender first before blending, then blend as usual.. i like to use frozen banana as it gives a great texture.. if using frozen fruit i find allowing them to stand for 10mins before blending helps with the process..

    Above recipe makes approx 1 1/4 pints.

    1. everyone’s definition of a green smoothie is different, there are no standards that classify what’s a green smoothie and what’s not.

  6. Actually you’ll feel your energy level rise so much faster if you leave out the protein! No joke! I love smoothies green or whatever kind I can get my hands on lol but about a month ago I was out of protein powder and didn’t realize it. So I just made it without and OMG! Before I even finished it I was FLYING!!! lol

  7. Strawberry is expensive in Cambodia. But other fruit like mangos banana and so on is very cheap
    A kilo is fifty cents only.
    But by the way nice video

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