Blue Algae Makes The Prettiest Smoothie Bowl

Great White in Venice, California puts a spin on the acai bowl by fusing a smoothie bowl with blue algae. The bowl is made with passion fruit purée, bananas, almond milk, house-made granola, and of course, flavorless algae. Blue-green algae gives the bowl a beautiful hue, and also happens to be rich in protein, antioxidants, and minerals.

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62 thoughts on “Blue Algae Makes The Prettiest Smoothie Bowl”

    1. MissAyaArts Ahmad

      When u say things like that it could have a negative effect on them. You may have not meant bad but maybe be careful.

  1. Why are people getting disgusted? Most of you probably eat baked goods which have yeast in it to help it rise, what’s the difference with blue algae?

    1. I used this in a strawberry-banana smoothie after ordering the algae online, and I gotta admit the stuff was pretty good.

    1. Cyrisse Owusu - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

      no, but sometimes you can tell its bad even if u haven’t tried it but heard it from others

  2. Flavourless algae gives a “unique flavour”…. i mean it looks cool and sounds interesting but need tonget your facts straight…if it’s glavourless then you’re using it for the health benefits and colour, not the taste

  3. “I’ve been eating a lot of junk food I need this drink”
    Ye gurl, most of insider’s foods aren’t that healthy 😂😂😂

  4. Super Typhoon Yutu

    Food trends at the moment:
    Blue Algae
    Cookie Dough

    If I think of anymore I’ll edit
    (Reply if I missed one)

    1. I like how açaí is also trending on Brazil like, it was not thaaaat common except for the north part of the country before lmao

  5. “I’ve been eating a lot of junk food I need this drink”
    yeah no, what you need is loads of water and let your body deal with the junk itself.

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