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The long, lean lines of a ballerina's physique are hard earned with hours of barre work. Fundamental ballet moves, like plié, relevé, and arabesque, tone the legs and work the core. Learn these essential exercises, and more, directly from dancer and choreographer Michael Cornell, founder of the LA-based Align Ballet Method. He explains how to properly perform the basics of the ballet dance vocabulary, emphasizing the importance of posture with every move. Create your own ballet barre at home with a chair, press play, and get ready to bring out your inner ballerina.

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7 thoughts on “Ballet Workout | Toning Legs and Core | Fit How To”

  1. I’m doing ballett now since ten years or more and when I have watched this video, I had to laugh a lot! For me it looks like the exercises that the little children normaly do =D And I can’t imagine that this can be exhausting… 😉 but I know from my friends, that some of them really find those things exhausting so — have fun with it !

  2. im almost 30 but i would love to take some basic ballet moves instead of regular gym strength training exercices! im going to see if there are any around!

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