At-Home Cardio Workout to Strengthen Your Legs

If you're looking to get in shape fast, like with our two-week fitness plan, you need short workouts that multitask like this mix of cardio and leg-sculpting moves. You will get stronger, you will build muscle, and you will burn calories in this sweat sesh. The workout clocks in at 25 minutes including a thorough warmup and cooldown. Best of all, you don't need any equipment to accomplish these goals. Follow along with the video, or click here for a printable PDF of this workout.

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29 thoughts on “At-Home Cardio Workout to Strengthen Your Legs”

  1. Omg Anna is goals
    Can u do a video of ur personal workout routine
    That would be a great alternative for their channel

  2. recently I’ve doing legs cardio and first popsugar workout for 2017 is this!! wohoooo. Hope all the lovely ladies get their GOALS ASAP

  3. Steph Caster Sugar

    I’ve struggled for years to exercise, I hated it so much. PopSugar has helped my attitude towards exercise and I’m so grateful for these free training videos. Anna motivates me!!

  4. Bryana Camille Braxton

    As someone who is just getting back into working out regularly, i really liked this workout. The modifications are doable. It’s nice and slow. Some cardio workouts have you going crazy sweating and dying. This is nice and easy but you still break a sweat and feel like you’re being active. To those who are struggling: give yourself grace! It’s ok to fail! Just try again! You can do this!

    1. Bryana Camille Braxton agreed! Sometimes I do have to hit pause though between exercises but this one was very doable.

  5. Sarah Whitehorn

    Doing the box like a maniac at home, belly jiggling wildly. Your enthusiasm is infectious! This is why PopSugar is my favourite workout channel. <3

  6. That felt amazing! I have been on vacation! Waking, running and swimming. I really missed Anna! Thank you, Anna, for making my mornings ROCK!!!

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