ACAI 101 + How To Make an ACAI BOWL

Learn everything you need to know about superfood; Acai plus get my go-to recipe for a homemade acai bowl.


Also, check out the great video's from SAMBOZAN – And see how this company is making the power of the Acai Berry available to you!


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100 grams acai (1 packet frozen acai pulp)
1/2 cup frozen pineapple (or 1/2 frozen banana)
1/3 cup frozen blueberries
handful of baby spinach (optional)
1/4 cup coconut milk
3/4 unsweetened almond milk

Combine everything in your blender and mix until thick and creamy. Transfer into your favorite bowl and top with any of the topping listed below. Enjoy!!

*Optional Toppings (mix and match!)
sliced bananas
hemp seeds
shredded coconut

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60 thoughts on “ACAI 101 + How To Make an ACAI BOWL”

  1. Clean & Delicious

    Super excited to share this delicious acai bowl with you guys + some simple facts about this powerful superfood. Can’t wait to hear what you think?!

  2. They look so much like blueberry. I’ve yet to make it on my own but I’ve been buying acai bowl on the wkends. Pretty expensive though

  3. HebrewDutchess

    I absolutely love my acai bowls blended with frozen bananas and ground flax topped with mixed berries, bananas, chia seeds and yummy coconut flakes! Delish!

  4. This Crazy Life

    Omgsh this looks amazing!! I definitely have to try it! 😍 and I love all the info you shared about the acai berries too!

    1. rora lazoza The way native English speakers pronounce “acai” bothers me. That’s not how it’s pronounced in my country.

    2. Notre Aira nothing to be bothered about, they can’t help it, educate them don’t be mad about it. It’s just a word

  5. Beatriz Sandoval

    I made it once using the packs from Trader Joe’s and I didn’t like the strong flavor açaí has. I thought it was because it’s just frozen fruit and this year we went to Brazil where they have the fresh fruit. I bought an açaí bowl at a restaurant next to my hotel and it was worse than the one I’ve made 😝 perhaps it’s a flavor I don’t like but others enjoy. I know it’s healthy but I pass. I rather blueberries and all the other berries in the mixed bag.

  6. My favorite way to eat an açaí bowl is to start with some granola on the bottom. It makes a great treat for when you are finishing your bowl and have eaten all the toppings. You now have a fun bottom layer!

    1. @JoeyShip even in English youre completely wrong and you should honor the first pronunciation of where it came from. ITS AH-SIGHI the “I” “E” is silent if its too difficult for you uncultured swines

    1. Simple Smiles just use the the frozen açaí && mash up a banana to mix in 😉 then toppings! no blender needed

    1. That’s how it’s pronounced. “Açai” and that’s how it’s spelled. Except she makes it two consonants, which is wrong.

  7. vanessa was here

    How *I* make “Açaí Bowls”

    1.) Make a smoothie with all the fruits you want

    2.) When done with the smoothie, take a bowl and some granola. Pour a bit of the granola at the bottom of the bowl

    3.) Pour the smoothie on top of the granola

    4.) [ *optional* ] Put a little more granola on the top of the smoothie

    5.) Top it off with fruits of your choice!

  8. Thank you for the recipe! I made it and it was delicious. Less watery than my first try lol

    I added some fruit snacks and chocolate almond granola on top. Perfect for a quick breakfast !

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