8 Minute Upper Arm Flab Attack to Tighten And Tone

This 8 minute workout targets the upper arms to tighten and tone! Blast fat and lose flab by sculpting and strengthening your arms with dumbbell moves. Options for all fitness levels.

23 thoughts on “8 Minute Upper Arm Flab Attack to Tighten And Tone”

  1. finally a video dedicated only to upper arms i couldn’t find any i don’t know how to thank you i will do this and watch this video every day thank you so very much !!!!!! xoxo

  2. And look at that tummy! I know you were just prego. . .you look amazing. Thankx for this video. I will do this everyday.

  3. Only burned 19 calories. I prefer the full workouts rather the spot ones. I need to lose 10 pounds. Spot workouts won’t cut it for me lol

    1. Use this video as an add on to a HIIT workout or high intensity cardio workout! This obviously won’t cut it doing it by itself!

    2. Yep, this is a targetted workout, but like Amy suggests, feel free to add a hiit or full body workout for extra burn!

  4. This is my favorite arm workout. I have been working out regularly because of BodyFit By Amy! I usually fizzle out after summer, but because of the variety of workouts she has, I feel motivated, and never bored. I feel like she’s my pal! Not intimidating at all. I have also ventured out and tried other instructor’s workouts, but I feel most are geared to lower body. So my point with this arm workout is, it is my go to workout when I need more arms. I love that she throws in biceps too, for a total bicep/tricep workout. Amazing!

  5. Thank you Amy as a 66 year old flabby granny this is good But how often should I do these exercises every day or 3 times per week thank you x

    1. Jennifer Bond

      I know this is old, every other day. Don,t work the same muscles convectively. Good luck. Soon to be fit granny! 😊

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