7 Smoothie / Nice Cream Bowl Recipes For Everyday of the Week!

(Updated smoothie bowl recipes here: )

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46 thoughts on “7 Smoothie / Nice Cream Bowl Recipes For Everyday of the Week!”

    1. lmaoooooo I found the benefits from the site and didn’t even catch that omg haha I’m sure it was meant to say “cow’s milk” but I guess thats true too 😂😂😂

    1. anabella zahra

      u can also get just a ninja that is what i use and it works amazing also ashley wicks on youtube is a great example of how to use ninjas for smoothie bowls 🙂

  1. Belgica Paola Rodriguez

    Cauliflower! I use frozen cauliflower because it is lower in sugar and carbs and higher in vitamins! You have to be careful with the ratio of other fruits to cauliflower because it can overpower the whole smoothie!

    1. +Belgica Paola Rodriguez thank you!! Will definitely try that out! My cousin recently went to a vegan restaurant and had cauliflower buffalo “wings” and said it was so good!

    2. I totally forgot about frozen cauli in a smoothie! I’ve been meaning to do it or a while. How much do you use?

  2. This was sooooo pleasant to watch! 😍 I️ really think you’re gonna up the sales for Vitamix with this video!!! Lol let’s get you a sponsorship haha Loved them all!

  3. Already tried 2 of these and THEYRE SO GOOD????? Girl you should definitely do a “what i eat in a day” video 🤧 keep it up boo!! ❤️❤️

  4. This video from the composition to editing was so good! Not to mention you are always super helpful and detailed.

    P.S. when I got a vitamix I made so many smoothies I gained weight from all the sugar lmao

    1. Tanya Sutherland Hi! Yeah I know. It was summer time when I got mine and fruit smoothies were super refreshing + I was super excited about my new blender, that’s all.

    2. Alyssa G lol don’t be me! Haha but read what Tanya said above ^ if you have a smoothie in should be in place of a meal or supplement it (like this will be your daily fruits and veggies serving) at the end of the day you are still ingesting the calories. So if you’re eating everything you need and drinking smoothies, you got a lil extra.

    3. ohh thank you! im looking into smoothie bowls more because im one of those “new year fresh start” believers haha. but thanks!

  5. I have a recipe

    1 small apple
    Half of a banana
    A small handful of spinach
    2-4 strawberries
    6 cherries
    Any liquid of your choice (milk,almond milk,water,juice etc.)
    3 ice cubes (or you can just freeze your fruits )
    (Optional): 2 table spoons of yogurt
    (Optional):half or whole mango or avocado
    Then to decorate fresh strawberries and bananas with some granola
    P.S. it’s really good with granola so I add a lot of it!

    1. oops ur not invited

      Transplanted American ikr like how do u eat that without getting hungry it was like 1 tea spoon of a smoothie on the bottom of the bowl lol

  6. Doesn’t charcoal powder remove all the nutrients as well as the toxins? I know my brother takes it but I don’t know if it helps to put in nutritional smoothies since none of the nutrients would be digested:(

  7. A warning. NEVER EVER use activated charcoal if you are on meds of any kind it will reverse the affects.

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