5-Minute Leg Workout

Your legs are truly lovely and take you everywhere you want to go, but if you sometimes scan them in the mirror and think of cottage cheese, here's a workout for you. Strengthen and tone your powerful gams with this quick and effective workout. Just press play and get ready to show your legs some love.

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51 thoughts on “5-Minute Leg Workout”

  1. I didn’t realize how tiring this workout would be till I tried it, and I have to say it was intense! Cardio was very high and it had my thighs burning! Loved it. 

  2. I’m pretty pleased with my body (thank you metabolism!) other than by saggy butt and thighs. 5 minutes NO EXCUSES!! Not used to working out but your energy helps me push through. Thank you sooo much!! Helps me get into the swing of bikini weather! (-:

    1. I teach too. You get used to it. I think the adrenalin rush helps. We don’t think about it we just do it. Part of the job lol

  3. Oh my word. I was so out of breath that my throat hurt! I thought I was in okay shape. I’ll definitely be doing this workout again. For only the short amount of time that it was, I felt like I just did a 20 min cardio session.

  4. Love this workout! I noticed the difference in my thighs right after the workout and after 3 days a huge difference almost all the cottage cheese was gone. Thank you for this one!!!

    1. I’m soooooo late but just wanted to say thanks for the comment and you’re so nice for replying to every single comment

    1. Me too and I have one bad knee that the cartilage slips over back and forth clicking. I have to modify them some for not putting pressure on my neck because of disk herniation and narrowed spinal column, but it can work modified a bit. I sound like a stapler lol

  5. Anna you are very good teacher.. I love your smile, your videos are incredibly inspiration for beginners.. Thank you so much

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