40 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Split Circuit Workout for Strength & Cardio

This 40 minute workout uses just one dumbbell to split circuits uni-laterally, working right side then left side to really challenge the core while working upper and lower body. Strengthen and tone muscles all while getting fat blasting cardio. Options for all fitness levels.

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21 thoughts on “40 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Split Circuit Workout for Strength & Cardio”

  1. Great workout! I did it and my body feels so good after itπŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ🏻thank you❀

  2. Sabrina Kraehling

    Awesome workout. So very challenging. Did it at 21 weeks pregnant (with modifications). Thank you!!!

  3. That was awesome and awful at the same time. Which means I worked hard. 😊
    I like the length of the workout. I would love to have a longer kettlebell workout from you too. Those are my favorite. 😊

  4. My favorite workout of yours so far! I’m sweating buckets but this was super accessible while being challenging. Nine months post baby and this was just the thing to feel strong. Thanks Amy!

  5. Shari Trumbull

    Wowie! Such a Great way to start the workout month of May! Love the circuit format and challenge of working uni-laterally; you really find out which legs/arms are the strong/weak ones. I’m still nursing an injured left elbow, so I ended up holding the dumbbell in both hands for a couple of the moves, but still felt the effectiveness of the moves. Thanks so much for everything you do! You’re keeping us healthy and fit at home! XO-S

  6. Leah Melichar

    Thanks, Amy! This is a great workout you can adjust for your fitness level. Appreciated the plank variations at the end :-).

  7. I love all of your videos! You are slowly, but surely, getting me in shape! lol Thank you for making such great videos and keeping those of us with diastasis in mind during your workouts!

  8. Really great workout and challenging. Great options for all levels.

    I would suggest you give the repetitions a little twist? Really engages me. I only say because i hate doing same things πŸ˜‚

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