4-Minute No-Weight, Arm Toning Workout | Class FitSugar

No equipment needed to tone up your arms in 4 minutes — from ModelFIT.

On Anna: Sweaty Betty and Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) shoes
On Sarah: Sweaty Betty tights, Fabletics top, and Nike shoes
On Triana: Lululemon tights, Varley top, and Nike shoes

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41 thoughts on “4-Minute No-Weight, Arm Toning Workout | Class FitSugar”

  1. I normally only like Anna’s videos and don’t watch guest trainers, but this video was great! More like this please, from Sarah or Anna! 🙂

    1. Meredith Shirk

      I agree that this workout is great for helping firm up those arms. I focus on that area as well as many people want firmer arms

  2. I want Gerards children

    As Im watching this video- This doesn’t look like it would tone your arms at all
    When I actually do this video- HELP ME MY ARMS ARE BURNING D;

    1. Meredith Shirk

      That’s when you know its a great workout when it looks easy but when you have good form and a great instructor you find out you can get quite a burn!

    2. Oh I thought this myself! I did a weightless arm workout before this and the first minute was like “hah burning? I am feeling nothing.” 20sec later and my arms burt greater then hell a

  3. I’ve been doing this daily for approx a month – once, little break, then again. My arm strength has improved SO MUCH. The first time I did it, I was like “How are they able to keep their arms up!?”. I had to keep putting mine down for a rest. By 2-3 weeks though, I was doing it! My secret – I do it while sitting on the floor. If I had to stand, I think I would’ve been like “Meh, too tired” and not kept with it. Effective workout, thank you!

    1. @Am D One Oh, hey all! Apologies, YT never sent me notifications for these replies. To answer your questions, yes! I now have visible definition in my arms, woo! I did slack off for a bit but am back to doing some kind of arm work daily. Nowadays I do a combo of different arm YT vids, for a daily workout of 10-20 mins. Still while sitting! I am looking to do more cardio though in order to move my stubborn arm fat. But yes, I can confirm – persistence pays off!

    especially if ur impatient like me and always mess up ur nails because you don’t wait for them to dry properly

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