35 Minute TRX Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout

This 35 minute workout uses the TRX suspension trainer in high intensity intervals for strength and cardio. Blast fat and calories while strengthening and toning your entire body. Options for all fitness levels.

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20 thoughts on “35 Minute TRX Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout”

  1. AMY! Girrrrllll this workout is EVERYTHING! I’ve tried TRX before, but I’ve never experienced it like this! I’ve had (under-used) straps at home for a while now and I’m happy to have broken them in with this workout. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing!!!

  2. Holy Moly!!  OMG!  I was already sore from doing one of your total body d-bell workouts yesterday–this new TRX workout just pushed me over the edge!  It’s not swagger–I’m just sore!!!  Another FAB TRX workout, Amy!!  I’m loving the burn and I know I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow 😉 🙂  Thanks so much for keeping me fit, Amy!  Love your workouts!  XOXO-Shari

  3. Elmarie van der Merwe

    Very good video! I did this routine yesterday and today I can feel I had a good workout. Thanks for posting on here. You explain very clearly how to do the moves safely.

  4. This is my new favorite video. Love the advanced moves. Would love to see an inverted push up in one of your more advanced videos. Thanks Amy!!!

  5. I first got introduced to TRX while visiting a friend in Berlin, and have been following your training vids since then. They are super nice ! Thx. I hope you will release more of them.

  6. Great video! Easy to follow and very effective! I watch your TRX and no equipment workouts it definitely makes working out at home easier.

  7. You nailed it with this one. Thanks for a great video! Any chance you’ve got a TRX/Bosu ball workout brewing?

  8. Anna Marie Kokešová

    I have to say that I really spontaneously buy a TRX system because I kind of like it in the store (Originally I came just yor yoga block). Then I came home and I was like “What do I do now with it..” and than I just try to type in “Bodyfit by Amy TRX” and when A LOT OF AMAZING VIDEOS showed up I was just like OMG THANK YOU! YES! I AM SAVED!
    Thank you Amy – you the best! I hate gyms, but either I don’t like much all of YouTube fitness guides except you. You are just amazing! 😍 😍 ❤️

  9. I am new to TRX and have been doing your TRX workouts for the past six weeks. I absolutely love it. You are a great instructor!

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