35 Minute Strength and Cardio HIIT

This 35 minute workout combines both strength and cardio moves in a high intensity interval format to give you a challenging workout! Keep that heart rate up and strengthen and sculpt your muscles the whole time! Options for all fitness levels.

21 thoughts on “35 Minute Strength and Cardio HIIT”

  1. Jacqueline Schmitt

    Thank you so much. You’ve helped another sedentary person to move and strengthen for 35 minutes. I also feel the brain chemical effects … feelings of sadness lifted during this workout. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Sorry for my late response on this but THANK YOU for this! These are my favorite changes to see in people—exercise makes us feel good in so many ways! I hope you are continuing to stay active!

  2. I am adding this to my rotation list!!! It was amazing. I am a dripping, sweaty mess. But, feeling great!!!

  3. been doing this workout for two weeks now and I love it’s part of my fitness routine. I’m going to check out the rest of your videos!

  4. Jackie Aliah13

    I just did this workout and I feel incredible. I tend to sometimes lack in my form when I do full cardio, so having this half cardio and strength training really helped. Thank you.

  5. Rachelle DeSpain

    Amy! I’m so thrilled that I found you and all that you offer. Love your approach, how you guide us through the workouts, the time frame of each workout, the effectiveness of each move while keeping it fresh and interesting. Thank you😊 Lots of love!🤘

  6. I am in love with you and your work out.very nice way to teach.going to difficult work out step by step.love from India

  7. Your workouts are awesome!! Thank you so much. I love the moderate versions ☺ working out is fun with Amy☺.

  8. Mimi McGillicuddy

    I have had a virus for the past year that includes chronic fatigue. I avoided exercise like the plague because I can’t stand the gym, and people on videos are usually obnoxiously loud and way too intense. For the first time I feel I can do a hiit workout and feel at peace. I can go slow and at my own pace without feeling like a loser. You rock Amy. P.s I’m getting stronger muscles! 💪 🤘🏻

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