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35 Minute Boot Camp Workout—-Fat Blasting Cardio and Strength

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  1. that was AMAZING!! I am sweating so much. Kicked my booty!!! Thanks, Amy!! congrats on your new baby boy!!:)

  2. Thank you Amy! I love that your workouts help me break a sweat but can be low impact so I don’t bother my downstairs neighbors! This was challenging,but time went by and I got through it no prob 👍🏻

  3. Amy, I love the variety of your workouts. This really helps keep me motivated. I’m very happy that I found your channel!

  4. What a Great cardio workout, Amy! I went off calendar today for a little extra cardio and did this workout for the first time–It’s a burner! Now time to get some core work done! Love ya’! XO-S

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