35 Minute Bodyweight Burner Workout—-HIIT for Strength and Cardio

This 35 minute workout uses bodyweight moves to both strengthen and tone your muscles and get your heart rate up for maximum fat burning. Burn calories and get strong using no equipment. Options for all fitness levels.

23 thoughts on “35 Minute Bodyweight Burner Workout—-HIIT for Strength and Cardio”

  1. I’m so glad you do the low impact version
    I have a knee where I had major surgery and another one that is not that bad but it’s not good either:.. Thank you for your video. I see all my friends doing p90x, etc and I can’t

  2. In the side plank, what should I do if I can’t get my leg up?? I don’t mind the hip dip, but my leg seems to be too “heavy” for me to lift in that position 🙁

    1. +Gayane Triants You can just do the hip dip if you want! Or add the leg lift at the bottom of the movement (when you are down from the plank, hip on the ground). Sometimes it’s just hip tightness that makes things hard, but you can always modify if needed!

    2. I have the same problem and just gave up in the end and lifted my leg when I’d come down from the plank as Amy said. I was just about done and feeling inadequate and then the words of encouragement came “you’re working just as hard as us for where you are now” 🙂 thank you Amy!

  3. another good workout for home session, thanks Amy. The bump is determined to feature in your vids, so you’re doing great, working around junior!

  4. 3 circuits x 3 rounds each (45 sec on/ 15 sec off) * double reps of movement in each round *

    [1] Squat Jack + Push Up Knee + Crunch
    [2] Static Lunge Press (R) + Static Lunge Press (L) +Triceps Dip Knee In + Plank Jacks
    [3] Plank Press Pop Up (or Frog) + Side Plank Leg Lift (R) + Side Plank Leg Lift (L)

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