30 Minute Wedding No Equipment, No Problem Full Body Workout For Cardio and Strength

This 30 minute full body workout uses no equipment to strengthen and tone your muscles, all while blasting fat and burning calories for cardio. Options for all fitness levels. Get ready for the big day without a gym!

14 thoughts on “30 Minute Wedding No Equipment, No Problem Full Body Workout For Cardio and Strength”

  1. Amy, THANK YOU so much for putting these videos on You Tube and for showing all levels to complete the exercise. Most importantly, thank you for making those of us just starting that we too can do the exercises at an easier level.

  2. So much fun!! And it was neat to see others in video, if only to show how everyone is different. Luv, luv ur style of instruction!! I’m never bored!!

  3. Mallory Brisson

    Love your videos. Thanks so much for putting them up here! Can I make a tiny suggestion? Can you make your count down to the end of the exercise a bit more pronounced? I find sometimes I miss when the move ends because I am really into it and not looking at my screen! Something like “20 seconds, 10 seconds…3, 2, 1” Thanks!!

  4. Shari Trumbull

    What a fun work-out, Amy!  I’ve done this one twice now and I appreciate hearing David breath just as hard as I am and I’m unbalanced right there with Jeanie (sp?)!  My triceps are totally on fire after those reverse plank bridges-BURN! Thank You for another GREAT work-out! XOXO

  5. The muscles on the sides of my rib cage hurt the day and two days after! WOWZA! What a workout. I felt very fatigued during it. Very tough for just your body weight! Oh, and my shoulders from all the planking too makes me hurt. haha

  6. 3 circuits x 2 rounds (45 sec on/15 sec off)

    [1] Lunge Deadlift (R/L) + Knee PushUp Knee + Plank Hip Rotation
    [2] 3 Plié Pulse Knee Elbow + Hand Plank Press Up + Jump In Plank
    [3] Squat Pop Up + Tricep Dip Bridge Kick + SitUp Twist

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