30 Minute Prenatal Strength Workout

This 30 minute workout is for any mom in her first, second or third trimester of pregnancy, as long as she's cleared by her doctor for exercise. Get strong and fit safely and effectively with this dumbbell workout.

20 thoughts on “30 Minute Prenatal Strength Workout”

  1. Brandy Preisendanz

    Thank you, Amy, for these prenatal workouts! I am about 2 months behind you in my pregnancy and really enjoy having routines to follow along with that I know are safe and focused on a healthy mom and baby 🙂

  2. Jessica Goldberg

    Great workout! I’m 20 weeks and was active prior to pregnancy, and I found it to be the right amount of challenging with 7.5 lb dumbbells!

  3. just finished doing ur workout . loved it. I’m so excited to know that I can continue staying active and working out throughout my pregnancy. I’m only 4 weeks along but I plan on staying active for as Long as I can. thank u!

  4. today is my 39th week! I managed to finish the workout but left out the end bit on the floor. :):)

  5. Just found this channel and enjoy doing your workouts, very effective and I feel amazing after. Thank you !

  6. Kristen Maxfield

    I just wanna say thank you so much Amy! Being a woman who worked so hard to lose 65 lbs and cutting my next record & music video to all of a sudden, in the middle of it all, becoming pregnant (unexpectedly), I felt like my world kinda fell apart. I was unable to find the motivation to workout and therefore became depressed, very depressed. It wasn’t until my fiancé found your videos that I’ve started working out daily and feeling better about myself and the many changes my body is going through. So thank you for being with me through this. Even though you don’t know me, you have really helped me in so many ways and I am forever grateful to you. – Kristen

  7. Hi ! I also want to say thank you, I LOVE this workout, I’m in my first trimester, almost 2nd and I’ve been doing this workout 5 times/week. The workout is excellent, strength building and I work up enough of a sweat to feel like I’ve finished cardio by the time the workout is over. Your voice is also great, not distracting, and for some reason that has been a problem with different online trainers in the past. Thanks again!

  8. Chiquita Mijnals

    Currently 20 weeks and just started today. I was exercising before pregnancy, but hadn’t done anything since mid-February. I must say, it felt GOOD to get back into it. I used 10-pound weights since I’d been going much heavier pre-pregnancy and only lightened it up for the tricep extensions. This is a GREAT video and I highly recommend it!

  9. Miss Kimberly Joy

    Thank you for being you and creating these amazing prenatal workout videos while being pregnant yourself! I must say that I wasn’t really an advocate of working out at home. My building does have a gym in it and I use to go all the time, but now being in my 3rd trimester, 29 almost 30 weeks, I don’t really want to go downstairs to the gym. Yes, I know that’s a first-world problem but it’s nice to just get out of bed and work out in front of the TV (our computer is connected to the TV, yay!). Again, thank you for this prenatal workout, I was only able to do the first 16 minutes but that’s ok. I haven’t been strength-training consistently for awhile but with your workouts, I will soon 😀 Keep up the great work <3

  10. Wow!!! I loved this workout for being in my second trimester!! I got my heart rate up and felt like I wasn’t pushing too hard! Thanks Amy!

  11. warm up-
    shoulder rolls
    back roll
    side reach
    butt kicker
    forward reach
    butt kicker

    circuit 1 (repeat)
    weighted plie squat
    bicep curl
    weighted oblique side bend

    circuit 2 (repeat)
    forward lunge
    tricep extension
    half jack

    circuit 3 (repeat)
    close row
    side lunge

    circuit 4
    trailing toes
    side planks
    leg+arm reach

    cool down:
    child’s pose
    side reach
    upward reach
    toe touch
    back reach

  12. I wish I had found these during my first pregnancy in 2017. Now that I’m with baby #2, I’m so happy I found your channel. Thank you! I’ve tried almost all your prenatal workouts and love them all.

  13. 17 weeks! I’ve been relatively active still with a couple of weeks of only doing one workout that week. But I’m feeling great and I actually got your name from the ladies on the WTE app! I’m so glad they recommended you because I’ve been more likely to workout at home now as opposed to the gym because it’s so convenient and I can just get ot done quickly, shower, and get back to resting lol.

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