30-Minute, Kickboxing-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout

Love kickboxing and cardio dance? Body By Simone has the perfect workout for you with this 30-minute, calorie-burning workout.

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26 thoughts on “30-Minute, Kickboxing-Inspired Dance Cardio Workout”

    1. ilikeditbetterbefore yes she has a 45 min video and another with Anna. This routine I think is the most fun.

  1. LOVE THESE! Cardio dance & kickboxing are my favorite videos on this channel! I love challenging myself with different ones. Keep them coming!!

  2. This workout seemed fairly easy in the beginning but as it progressed it intensified SOO much. I really loved it though, it was a fun yet extremely effective workout!

  3. I LOVE L O V E LOVE THIS! THANK you BBS! So easy to follow for those of (me) who are not gifted dancers! 231 calories in 30 minutes too! (Fitbit Surge and I’m 5’7″ 135 🙂

  4. I don’t get the hate for this video, this workout kicked the sweat straight out of me and Simone is hands-down one of the BEST Popsugar instructors because she details and isolates each movement as she goes. This is a great workout.

  5. LOVE THIS!!!!! I am sweating like crazy!! I will be using this workout with my other ones once a week. Thank you!!!! 🙂

  6. Daly: Nutrición y Belleza

    I counted the calories with my tom tom sport watch and… The result was awesome! Bye bye 440 kcal!

  7. Lilly Loves Makeup

    When I started this workout I thought it was going to be too easy… by the end I was DRIPPING in sweat. The individual steps themselves were easy and I liked how they broke them down before speeding up. The repetition and increased difficulty throughout helped make this a great 30 minute workout. I don’t know if I would love doing this regularly though since I would already know the steps and it might feel slow to be learning the basics again. We’ll see!

  8. Following from Argentina🇦🇷 I love this workout!!! And this channel definitely change my life! I’ve been doing different workouts since April and I feel awwsome

  9. I love her workouts. But I don’t have much space to do them in my room, so I accidentally kicked a couple of things of my desk. ❤️

  10. AMAZING workout! Great intensity, really easy to follow, super effective! One of my favorite Pop Sugar workouts!

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