30 Minute Kettlebell Pyramid HIIT Workout for Strengthening and Fat Burning

This 30 minute workout uses one kettlebell in a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training) using a pyramid format. Strengthen and sculpt your entire body, while blasting fat and burning calories. Options for all fitness levels.

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21 thoughts on “30 Minute Kettlebell Pyramid HIIT Workout for Strengthening and Fat Burning”

  1. great and fun class. and you’ll be back stronger after having your second baby Amy. Being a momma is a great mental training! Every challenge you’ll be facing in the future will be easy compared to sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums….you name it. Thank you for being you in all your honesty!

  2. Love your workouts but this one with 3 people in such a small space it just too chaotic for me. Skipped it. Plenty others to choose from.

  3. LOVED THIS! I have done your workouts 3-5 days a week for the past 3 years and this is the first pyramid workout. I enjoyed the change, it was so so fun. Please make more. I love videos with David and Jeanie too. Thank you

  4. This is so random but I was watching the Ellen show and see that Jeannie (sorry if I spelled it wrong) works at the Ellen show. She was holding the microphone for an audience member and I was like “why does that girl look so familiar? Omg, she’s the bodyfit by Amy girl!” So random, but what a cool job that must be!

  5. I relocated about a year ago and have been looking for a personal trainer. Although I thought the trainer I had for the last 8 years was the best, I knew I needed to keep looking lol I stumbled across your videos about a month ago and I have to say, “you keep it real”! I appreciate your concern with form, especially when using kettlebells. Fitness is a lifestyle and correct form is extremely important! Thank you for continuing to film kettlebell workouts! Hi Jeannie!

  6. great workout. Thank you. This may be a silly question but did you miss out the 30 seconds on the way up or was there not supposed to be one?

  7. Hi Amy! I notice in the tricep exercise in the second series that I experience pain in my elbows. I have my elbows close to my head, so wonder if I might just need a smaller kettle bell. I am currently using a 15 lb bell. Thoughts?

  8. Fabulous workout for our first Monday in February! I chose this workout from your calendar because I had never done a ‘pyramid’ type workout before and the format was fun and strenuous! I did have to reduce my KB weight when doing the curls and tri’s due to elbow injury, but otherwise, I used my 15# KB and kept up with everyone 🙂 Thank You sooo much for continuing to provide us with GREAT workouts, Amy! XO-S

  9. Just found your channel and love it! I’m 58 but have been exercising all my life. I have aches and pains once in awhile and have had to work thru injuries but I modify if I have too. Thanks for showing all fitness levels!

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