30-Minute Island Vibes Cardio Dance & Booty Toning Workout

Get ready to "rock your best" with this Island Vibes Cardio Dance and Booty-Toning Workout! Led by professional dancer and fitness professional Raquel "Rocky" Horsford, who is bringing Caribbean flair to this calorie-burning workout. This high-energy, low-impact cardio workout will make you feel like you're on vacation! If you love this dance, you can find Rocky's 45-minute workout on her Glow shop:

For more from Rocky, visit:

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22 thoughts on “30-Minute Island Vibes Cardio Dance & Booty Toning Workout”

  1. Fun workout. Wish the music was a little louder. Would have been able to follow your moves with more music and less instruction

  2. The ending was the best ending for any workout I have ever done!!! “We are going to walk into our day like QUEENS, put that crown on your head”.

  3. I just finished this workout and I liked it! The instructor has such a nice, positive energy! Love the moves! I was sweating, but it was such a fun workout! Thank you 💗

  4. phunnyguysixtynine

    Awesome workout! Anyone concerned with calories burned: I burned about 160 cals doing this as a 123lb female

  5. Kathy Benavides

    Very joyful workout, low impact, but fun sweat, reminded me of African dancing I did years ago. I wish it was 30 more minutes longer!

  6. Kristina Nesterova

    2 minutes in this
    girls in the video: 0)))00000))))))
    me: somebody tell my cats I am gonna love them forever

  7. It would be better if she could give earlier instruction when changing to another move or direction. It’s a very good workout indeed.

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