30 Minute Full Body TRX Workout for Strength and Cardio

This 30 minute video works the entire body to strengthen and tone your muscles and burn fat and calories using only the TRX suspension straps.

21 thoughts on “30 Minute Full Body TRX Workout for Strength and Cardio”

  1. Great workout Amy. I have a TRX (black and yellow). Where did you get it in pink? I know have a pink Bosu. Do you have a workout for the Bosu?

  2. These workouts are fantastic because I travel for work and bring my trx with me and follow along while at the hotel. Hope your little one is doing great. Thank you for the great workout.

  3. Love your videos!

    You inspired me to start my own youtube channel.. which is focused on fitness as well!
    Keep rocking!

  4. Cynthia Rodriguez

    I have been working out with your videos with my daughter who found you on YouTube !! I love your videos. Can you make a video on foods you eat daily to stay fitted? Breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas? Even homemade healthy snacks??? The nutritional part is so important to maintain the workouts. 💜

  5. Anna Genevieve Louise

    Just discovered your videos. I love them! They are so much better than a lot of the exercise videos I was doing before. Thanks!!!

  6. Amy top workout i love it. U make me fit for the next bicycle season. I do your workout 3 times the week. Keep on Amy its so excited.

  7. You have a great presentation. The workouts are great and your disposition is very inviting. I really enjoy your TRX workouts.

  8. You are awesomely inspiring! I got my post (two) baby body back with a personal trainer, but taking care of them and working full time in a demanding job makes my in between trips to the gym too infrequent — doing your half hour TRX workouts at home a few times a week is keeping me in top form and keeping me sane. THANK YOU! More TRX vids, please!

  9. The Healthy Transformation

    Great updated video, to your first one. Your videos are great! Would love to collaborate with you when Im in LA.

  10. Вероника Василевич-Новицкая

    Amy, you are amazing! thank you for this fantastic workout! I loved how you organized the sets! One move, another one and their combination! brilliant!

  11. Kay Zingara Yoga

    This was a lot of fun! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this, I specifically appreciated the super man to squat movement and those final plank to tucks were killer! I had a mega blast, you have a new follower for sure!

    And happy belated Mother’s Day, congratulations on bringing a soul into the world and nurturing your own vessel at the same time–mad props Momma! 😘💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️

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