30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Burner Workout for Strength & Cardio

This 30 minute workout uses just a set of dumbbells to strengthen and sculpt your muscles, while also burning fat and calories with cardio. Use combo moves with weights for a time efficient total body workout. Options for all fitness levels.

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27 thoughts on “30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Burner Workout for Strength & Cardio”

    1. Alexandra Sanchez I subscribed to her channel and literally just went through all her videos she has ever posted and saved them to my playlist and just choose different ones daily. I love all her kettle bell workouts and the challenge dumbbell ones are my favorite! I think adding heavier dumbbells helped the most!

    2. Alexandra Sanchez

      Kailee Kiefer thanks for answering! I use 4kilos dumpbells ,what weight do you use? and i,m thinking about buying a kettebell , amy is the best on YouTube .

    3. Alexandra Sanchez I’m in the US so we go by pounds. I use 10lbs at first then go down to 5lbs if it’s to hard. My kettle bell is 12lbs

  1. Another awesome work out! Thanks for continuing to post these videos. I’ve been following you and doing your workouts for the past 3 years and they are still an essential part of my exercise routine. I am feeling in the best shape of my life. Thanks Amy! 🙂

  2. I have been using your videos for about 2 months now and have lost around 30lbs – this is my new favourite! I have done it about 10 times already! Thanks for all your inspiration and help!

  3. princess diane von brainisfried

    Loved the workout! Short and sweet and really works the muscles and cardio without being overwhelming. Something I put on the playlist so I could find it quickly…and oh yeah…I subscribed! Keep it up! Xoxo

  4. i love your workout videos.
    i did today at the gym and I definitely feeling the butt muscle pain.. Im excited to ur other workout menu videos.

  5. Super generous to upload these workouts for free for everyone to benefit from – I have gotten results from these workouts that I never got from my expensive gym membership – its like having my own personal trainer – thank you so much Amy….I appreciate you <3

  6. Rachella Jones

    Just found your channel last week and I’m glad I did. I’ve done three of your workouts so far…Amazing!!! Keep the workouts coming.

  7. Started doing your work out today and from a total novice…. Absolutely great!! Gonna try and do it 3 times a week. Thank you for creating and sharing xx

  8. Is it ok if I do various work out daily/add rope jump 1000 as cardio
    Should I strict to same program for 6-8 week. I am doing intermittent fasting for weight loss
    My goal is to weight loss from 65 kg to 55 kg
    I am 54 year old

  9. Can’t thank you enough Amy! As someone who is most definitely a couch potato and exercise avoider I can’t thank you enough for these work outs! I love them! I actually look forward to exercising! I have a long way to go but these work outs are fab! I am sleeping better already and feel generally more energetic and fit in my day to day life! Thank you 😍

  10. Another amazing workout! Just read the last posts and feel the same! Have followed you for over 3 years and still going stronger and stronger! You are an inspiration! Thanksss

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