22 thoughts on “30 Minute Fat Blasting Cardio Kick Workout—-No equipment needed!”

  1. Loved it!!! Amy you are my new top favorite workout instructor. I love the way you layer each move with options and difficulty. I also like the flow of your workouts, you can repeat or do the other side without it feeling like a repeat. Love the intermixed abs, cardio and toning. Before I even realize it I am dripping in sweat and working harder than I ever have or was planning on that day and loving it. I have been doing workouts for the last 15 years been there done, purchased and tried them all…and I keep coming back here. Sorry this is so long but it makes a huge difference when you finally find someone and workouts you love. Xo

  2. you are seriously awesome, charming, physically inspiring, cute and your workouts are great! Nice rhythms, challenging, diverse and fun. Thank you for helping a broke former bulimic still be able to get a professional and inspiring workout to be healthy. <3

  3. One of my favorite Youtube video workouts, and I’ve watched SO many. I love that you didn’t pipe music in so that we can listen to whatever music we want. Fantastic!

  4. Melissa Borunda

    I love love love your workouts!! They work my whole body and they are perfect for those busy days when I can’t get to the gym.

  5. Maggie Franzen

    I’m a sweaty, panting mess! Loved this workout! You are one of my favorite instuctors…thank you, Amy!💪🤗

  6. Rebekah Buhren

    I’ve been Easing myself back into fitness after my 2nd baby and this has really helped rest my stamina for running! Thank you!
    Oh and all your post natal ones have been amazing!! ☺️👌🏻❤️

  7. Great! And I personally love the fact that you don’t have music playing so I can play my own in the background and still hear your cues.

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