30 Minute Cardio Tabata Workout to Burn Calories and Blast Fat!

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This 30 minute workout uses tabata intervals to get a high intensity cardio workout that works your full body. Both low impact and high impact options available so appropriate for all fitness levels. Great for calorie burning and losing fat, all while toning your whole body!

22 thoughts on “30 Minute Cardio Tabata Workout to Burn Calories and Blast Fat!”

  1. I cannot thank you enough for the low impact versions. I have problems with just about every joint from the hips down and the li exercises in your video really helped me feel better. There’s a lot of people who don’t even consider joint issues or beginners when making videos so I appreciate it. For once I could do a whole video without being in pain!

    1. +Ally A.-B. I’m so glad! I think it’s so important to provide different options because everyone is different–whether it’s a joint issue, injury, or different fitness levels, it’s important to give options for everyone!

  2. Christina Surprenant

    Love the 20 sec burst… it progressively kicks your butt vs killing you each workout! Will do AGAIN! Will share on my fitness page for other peeps!

  3. Honestly I wasn’t sure if this workout would be enough, but damn! It makes me sweat profusely! I enjoyed this thoroughly, love it!

  4. This is such a great workout and I love that it is an easy alternative for literally anyone. I have seen other videos that are just too high- intensity. This is perfect. Thanks!!!

  5. Hi Amy.. Great workout 🙂 Feel so energised after this one!! How many times a week do you recommend this one? Thank you!!

  6. Marie Sorano Klein

    Already 13 minutes in and I’m sweating like crazy. This is great! Can’t wait to see progress in a couple months! Thank you!

  7. 5 circuits x repeat exercise twice before next (20 sec on/10 sec off)

    [1] Step Jack + Jumping Jacks + Cross Jacks + Power Jacks
    [2] Squats + Squat Knee + Squat Kick + Squat Jump
    [3] Knee Raises + Oblique Knee (R/L) + Alt Side Knees
    [4] Alt Step Lunge + Alt Lunge + Lunge Knee (R/L)
    [5] Side Steps + Side Hops + Sky Jumps + Skaters

  8. Natalie Sorrells

    This is much harder than it appears. According to my FitBit, I burned just about 300 calories during this workout. Thank you, Amy. ❤️

  9. Been doing BodyFitBYAmy workouts this whole Christmas, and it kept me in shape even during indulging in food with friends and family. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for his video! I’m just coming back to working out so this was a perfect video for me ! Thank you again!!

  11. Looks like a fun workout…watching lol, trying it was seriously hard, I didn’t make it past 10 minutes 😞 but I’ll try it again maybe tomorrow. Cardio was always way hard for me, especially with a bigger chest doing all the jumping movements. Maybe I should try out a different workout first instead of this being the first one lol. But I love your videos Amy!

  12. SpellbindingAcrylics / Etsy

    I wanted to quit 15 min in but I kept going. I feel good after completing the video, i’m doing it again tomorrow!

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