30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

Cardio is more than just running on a treadmill! This Latin dance workout proves you can get your heart rate up while shaking your hips and shimmying your shoulders. Nicole Steen, a cardio dance expert at Equinox, knows how to keep you moving and to keep it fun. New to dance? No worries, we offer modifications. Press play and get ready to cha-cha.

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45 thoughts on “30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout”

  1. Hülya Değirmenci

    I can’t believe my eyes, Nicole is my favorite trainer of all times, I just LOVE her booty workouts! And now this amazing Latino dance! I’m absolutely gonna add it to my routine! Thank you, Nicole, you are the best!!! 😍👍💃

  2. Michelle Isabelle

    Love LOVE this trainer, she’s amazing and so much fun to watch to workout to. Please have her more! Love these latin workouts, they’re so much fun and high energy. I am DRIPPING sweat! 🙂

  3. TheCutiepie167

    Anyone else as uncoordinated as me? I always struggle so much trying to keep up with all the moves! Wish I was a better dancer lol guess I’ll have to keep at it to improve

    1. parvanaturalia

      It gets better with time, you will improve each routine you do. I had trouble with the first dance workout, bc I’m not used to those hip hop moves, but this one I had zero trouble with as I’ve been dancing Latin dance for years now. But I sucked at those at the beginning too, so keep at it! Dancing is super fun and brings a tangible sense of improvement with each passing day.

    2. NeonHologram666

      I saw your comment before I did it and I was like, it can’t be THAT hard. Oh crap was I wrong, there were a few songs I liked so much that I had them on repeat a few times to practice.

  4. NicoleSteenFitness

    So glad you guys are liking my Cardio Latin Dance workout! The ladies and I had a sweaty good time filming this. I hope you all continue to work hard, shake it, and just have fun❤️

    1. Catherine Anodeau

      NicoleSteenFitness I love you Nicole everytime I see pop sugar added u to their list Im being addicted right away… amazing workout sweat a lot

    2. Remahan Biskuat

      Hi nicole, just wanna say thank you so muchh. I followed your workout dance routines and the result is amazing. Thank you soo much, you took a big part in my weight loss journey. Luvv you❤

  5. That was so fun! Easily the best 30 minutes I spent this week. Thank you for the fun workout. Also, “Modification and advanced: Don’t try the splits” Haha! Loved that move!!

    1. NicoleSteenFitness

      monkiecher haha thanks! A jump splits is always my go to move lol. Glad you liked the workout 💃🏾❤️

  6. *me first 10 minutes*
    wow this is really easy… I’m not gonna sweat at all

    *me by the end of the video*
    sweating like a man and Dying

  7. Best work outs ever! And I am having so much fun doing it. I have been trying to do more exercise to cure my depression. Everyday I am so excited to get up and dance along with you. Thank you so much for all the fun, positivity and excitement you bring along with your exercises. It’s really helping me cope

    1. NicoleSteenFitness

      So glad to hear this, I hope you feel positivity, fun, and love everyday because you deserve it! Keep dancing ❤️

  8. This is one of my favorite dance work out videos ❤️ I’ve been doing this workout since last two months everyday with a healthy vegetarian diet. I lost 5kgs and am very happy. It gave me so much confidence. Thank you so much and lots of love and hugs🌻

  9. I’m used to doing Zumba, but oh my god that has to be the most fun workout I’ve ever done !
    I was smiling alone in my living room the whole time, thank you sooo much !!

  10. i’m definitely going to add this to my workout, they were all so energetic. I was smiling the whole time

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