30-Minute Cardio-Dance modelFIT Workout

Put on your boogie shoes and get ready to torch some calories with this modelFIT dance-cardio workout. Now you can try this energizing sweat sesh even if you don't live in LA or NYC, where their studios are located. This dance routine will get your heart rate up while toning you all over. And best of all: you don't need any weights for this workout. Press play and get ready to work!

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49 thoughts on “30-Minute Cardio-Dance modelFIT Workout”

  1. It’s not that I don’t like the dance workouts this chanel usually post, they are so good, but the trainers make them so fast or put some complicated moves. Now this, this is doable and fun at the same time! I woul add it to my workout routine. Thanks💕

    1. FINALLY SOMEONE HAS SAID IT. I love the other routines but they do them so fast it is really hard to keep up. I haven’t tried this one yet but after reading your comment I will give it a try because it seems like this is what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  2. I just did this workout!!! I am sweating everywhere lol. there is no excuse not to work out when youtube gives you free access to fitness and health. This works for me because I am a stay at home mom!!

    1. I feel the same way Keisha. I have a toddler and I work part-time, and these work-outs are great for stay at home or working mothers.

    2. Keisha Hicks I just decided to see what YouTube has and stumbled across this! I am a new stay at home mom I have a 2 month old. I have a YMCA membership that I think I should just cancel lol. I don’t see how I could ever make it to the gym. This is super convenient!

  3. Loved this cardio workout! I’m usually hesitant to do a dance routine because I can’t follow well but this was great! Please put up more 30-35 minute videos like this.

  4. I have paused it at 14:00 to say I underestimated this workout and now it’s killing me. Thank You POPSUGAR for such good beauties

  5. After a long day at work the only thing you want to do is get into bed. But try to do this kind of 30 min workout instead, take a shower,have dinner or whatever you do these days lol. I know it’s crazy for women with one or two jobs, a Mom, a wife or college student.. But not impossible! And you won’t regret. I lost 10 pounds last month and I go to bed tired but relaxed. Does that even make sense? Gonna go now…

  6. Dear POPSUGAR Fitness…im from Malaysia..I first watch ur video from fb pages 3 weeks ago…since then I fell in love with ur workouts routine..I strt to follow ur workouts 3 weeks ago..I weigh 85kg 3 weeks ago..yesterday my weigh is 83kg..slow but im really happy..thank you for motivated me..love u..

  7. Fantastic Saturday AM workout. I was able to do each exercise with my wonky lower back issues. Kudos to you POPSUGAR Fitness!

  8. Is it just me or this feels like a light workout? I finished this and felt like I needed something intense. 🤔

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