30-Minute Cardio Dance and Boxing Workout

Challenge your body with this high-energy cardio boxing workout that combines ballet techniques to burn calories and tone your body.
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50 thoughts on “30-Minute Cardio Dance and Boxing Workout”

  1. Omg Anna u are a true inspiration! Workout during pregnancy. Awesome dear. Real fitness queen you are..

    1. Pooja Kashyap so true nobody can’t say they are to weak to do it if she pregnant 🤰🏿 and she can do it

    2. umm everyone and anyone can workout if preggo. it’s a natural process i don’t see how working out when knocked up makes her a queen.

  2. Hmm, mixed feelings about this one, I must admit.. (prepare for long post) I sure was sweating a lot and still am (like, a lot), but somehow the moves annoyed me – like the boxing part, which I usually love. I felt like I had to focus too much on the choreography rather than giving my punches and kicks power – both of which looked more like “swatting” in the video instead of punching and kicking. The cool down also seemed a little odd – somehow I ended up doing the moves opposite from them, even when following the “right/left” instructions, since it seemed opposite from the video. All these little things took up too much space, so now afterwards I just feel a little annoyed. But hey, it usually takes a couple of times to get some moves right – I found it helpful to follow Anna when doing the floor exercises (also, I really hoped there were no floor exercises, since there was no mats in the thumbnail – that’s one of the reasons why I chose this workout today). So, you definitely feel this one and sweat, but I’m not very keen on doing this particular exercise another time. Will look forward to other popsugar fitness videos, and thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to get moving through your videos – you’re always my go-to when I work out 💕

    1. Great points, Fencill! I’m the same way. I don’t like to have to think about choreography and where my feet are going, plus – I favor workouts on my feet – not where I have to get on the floor.

    2. same i prefer non-floor workouts with a lot of jumps and motion, but not the type where you have to focus on choreography

    3. Hi all of you you shall really listen to William branhams sermons they are really important don’t ignore our life depend on

  3. Scarlett Torres

    This was honestly really frustrating, the ballet boxing was not explained at all!!! and felt like we only did one side.

    1. hii hehe, maybe this type instruction is your jam. if it’s not hard for you, then good for you. stop expecting every person to have your same fitness levels and skills

    2. Angelofexecution

      Yeah, I kinda went freestyle for most of it, mimicking at best what I could see. Next time I will watch the video once before doing it

    1. hii hehe, clearly you don’t know what honest feedback is. i’m do cardio dance 5 days a week for an hour a day and i’m used to copying body movements when the instruction sucks. i can honestly state that the instruction wasn’t that good in this video and even i could barely keep up with what they are doing.

  4. Oof. Terrible instruction. It really is a skill to do this well. I love the diverse team and I adore Anna, but this is a big fail.

    1. hii hehe, not everyone is physically fit. many subscribers are just getting into fitness and are not pro athletes. they will NEED more instruction until they get used to following cardio moves a certain way.

    2. hii hehe, what makes the channel so great is VARIETY. they have videos that are clearly for beginners with a lot of instruction. the idea is to get used to moving your body in a healthy way and then they can go to videos that are more advanced with less instruction. less instruction means the person is used to the workout

  5. Sorry Popsugar, I usually like your dance workouts, but I’m not a fan of mixed workouts because they usually are 5 minutes max of cardio and the rest toning/floor exercises. I usually end up only doing the fun high energy cardio parts. It’s kind of deceiving and annoying when a workout is labeled as “cardio dance and boxing” and two thirds of it ends up being floor exercises. Please stick to either all toning or all cardio.

    1. hii hehe, i’m just giving honest feedback. PSF actually READS the comment sections of videos to get ideas of what workouts/trainers are popular and what aren’t. if they didn’t want to hear it, they would be smart and disable comments

  6. can Popsugar please collab with Nicole Steen or Simone de La Rue for a dance workout again? that’s NOT ruined by floor exercises please?

  7. The instructor needs to transition into next move slower, she also needs to count down when set is over. I had to stop at 12 minutes because of instructor.

  8. Rachael Link, The Poor Actress Tube

    I’ll be trying this on Thursday 😀 Although I must say that even though the first instructor is athletic she’s looking exceptionally thin for her height.

  9. I do cardio kickboxing regularly but I wish this instructor explained the moves better, found watching her frustrating.

  10. I loved this! It was different and you could definitely feel the burn.
    For a free workout, I’ll take it.
    I think the confidence level is being built and teaching is hard!

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