30-Minute Calorie-Torching Cardio Dance and HIIT Drills Workout

Get ready to dance with a calorie-torching workout from Breann Mitchell, programming director for The Bay Club Company. Combining follow-along dance moves with HIIT drills (and yes, burpees!), Breann will make sure you get a killer workout, burn a ton of calories, and tone every part of your body. Press play and get ready to shake it and squat.

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23 thoughts on “30-Minute Calorie-Torching Cardio Dance and HIIT Drills Workout”

  1. Creighton Chaney 1941

    Can’t wait till tomorrow to dance and burn some calories 😎👍⚡💖

  2. *sigh* I wish they would post 2 workouts when they do dance workouts. 2nd workout for those that are over the dance routines.

  3. Great workout! I love the instructor’s energy. She makes me want to get better at dancing and loving my body! I so appreciated the time to break down the moves. I’m not good at it, but I enjoyed it and will do it again! Thank you!

  4. Burned 297 calories. I’m 30 and overweight but I’m down 40lbs so thanks for all the help Popsugar!

    1. Drink lots of lemon water. Also lemongrass tea is a diuretic. No sugar. No refined carbs. Whole 30 is my diet of choice

    2. Maren de Weerd

      Blogilates has a ‘bloat be gone’ video 🙂 But yeah, would be interested in one from popsugar as well.

  5. Rachael Link, The Poor Actress Tube

    I like the dance videos because it’s better for me than focusing on strength and core. The only major issue is that nearly every video does a 5 minute warm up and cool down when they’ve promised a 30 minute dance workout. I’d rather have an extra few minutes either side because I end up feeling like I’ve not had a proper workout. That workout of dance was only about 12-15 minutes max.

  6. Chelsea Wirthweim

    This is the 3rd pop fitness video I’ve done. I have loved them all so far! I think I burn extra calories trying to keep my dog off of me! Haha!

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