30 Minute Beginner Kettlebell Instructional Workout

This workout takes you through the basics of kettlebell training using one kettlebell. Moves are broken down and explained in depth all while getting a full workout. Great for beginners or anyone wanting more instruction on the kettlebell.

22 thoughts on “30 Minute Beginner Kettlebell Instructional Workout”

    1. BodyFit By Amy

      Nope, first time being released! But I did film this one on the same day I filmed the Kettlebell Blast (released about a few weeks ago) so you may be thinking of that one? Same day, same outfit, but different workout 🙂 We often shoot a few videos in a day so you’ll see me in the same clothing in different videos!

  1. Hello From France Amy, I discovered your Channel a year ago and I am really glad to do my kettlebell work out with your videos! So thank you very much!!

  2. Thanks Amy this is great, I’m totally new to kettle bells so this is a perfect pace and level of instruction.

    I’ve followed this work out 7 times now, each time everything gets a little easier so I’ve been doing a couple of extra reps while you explain the next step.

    Which workout would you suggest to move onto next?

  3. I like your beginner video. I am a 60 year old woman who wants to firm up and lose weight but, I have never done any type of exercise. You video is easy to understand and I like how you showed how your body should look like from the side. This video has encouraged me to begin a work schedule. Thank you for providing me the inspiration to get it done.

  4. I loved this workout. I have always wanted to get more into kettlebells but my form was off. This video really helped and made the workout really enjoyable!!

  5. Esther Madziya

    This was THE BEST beginner kettlebell workout. Great explanation of the exercises (I’m now doing my kettlebell swings correctly!!) and even though you broke it down step by step, I still worked up a sweat. TI loved it and will be coming back to this often. Thank You!! Look forward to doing more of your videos!

  6. Thank you for this 🙂 I bought a kettlebell to get some sort of excercice besides my walks and crosstrainer, but I want to be sure I learn the right way to use it without hurting myself. This slow pace video with explanations is great to not tempt me into doing the excercises wrongly and learn a bad form.

  7. Hello from the Philippines, Amy! I have a question about the windmill. With the left toe out, and the kettlebell up on the right hand, you say “pushing into that opposite leg”. By opposite leg that would be my right leg? I never feel any pushing there, but I do have to push using my left leg to go back up. How can I fix my technique? Thank you, got started on kettlebells just this week 🙂

  8. Really good instructions. I am always looking around for good beginner instructions I can recommend. This went to the top of my list, instantly 🙂 One thing I am missing, and that is at least a teeny tiny something for the front. I know you have a good abs routine, too. Especially beginners need to understand that we need to tickle, and ultimately strengthen all sides of the body, though. And that especially when working the back, we NEED to work with the front, as well. Otherwise, best instructions ever! 🙂

  9. Amanda inskeep_shelton

    Hi Amy! Just came across your videos and I love them! Thank you. I’ve got about 35# to lose according to my doc, and am encouraged!

  10. This was really helpful thanks , I recently started working out with Kettlebell and I did a workout that was quite intense for me and not beginner level , resulted in soreness on my legs and back although my back is fine , my leg still had some soreness , do you have any videos to help with sore muscles

  11. Vicki Kechekian

    Paired this with a non-kettlebell Lower Body workout, whew. Bought a 10# kettlebell, and it’s perfect for me at this point. Thank you for the advice. One note: I think I had the right hold on the kettlebell during the tricep exercise but the top of the move was cut off by the camera so I couldn’t confirm it.

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