30-Minute Barre Toning and Hip-Hop Dance Workout

Get ready to dance, pulse, and pliΓ© your way to a toned body with Barre Hop, a barre-based workout infused with hip-hop movements and music, created by Ericka Taylor!

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On Anna: M/F People top, Cotton On Body tights, and Dr. Scholl's shoes
On Ericka: Alo Yoga top, Goldsheep tights, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
On Tristina: Onzie top, Terez tights, and Under Armour shoes

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25 thoughts on “30-Minute Barre Toning and Hip-Hop Dance Workout”

  1. I love all the dance cardio ones but particularly love this one! Great fusion that works up a sweat without leaving you feeling bulky! Thanks Popsugar!

  2. Franny Fleischman

    I really liked this workout and how creative it was, one request is that the instructors mirror us (use left and say right) so that it is easier to follow along, or just say “one leg and the other leg”. It is confusing when they are saying left and you have to either use your right leg to follow the screen or do the opposite of what they are doing.

  3. I dont usually sweat but this one made my skin a little sticky which is great. They really make you work for it πŸ˜‚

  4. Fabulous and Fun!! Loved this Barre Hip Hop workout–everything was burning by the time we were on the mat–then it was over! The 30 minutes goes by so quickly, it’s amazing! Working my way through your Dance workout videos and I already know this is one I’ll come back to again and again. So Fun!

  5. in between two moves, why making them so rush, no cues in advanced(even not in time), also the counts don’t often go with the actions well, not so smooth. you can see Anna (like us) didn’t have enough preparing to do the following things, and the trainer seems just want to process it to the end, has no temperature, I can not be connected with this guidance, most of the time it gets me frustrated.

  6. Loved this workout! I didn’t like the dance segment because the moves didn’t flow seamlessly together, but it was a great workout that really worked up a sweat without being too difficult.

  7. She goes so dang fast. It is discouraging even tho most of it is fun she doesn’t explain things enough or give you a chance to catch up before she moves on

  8. This one started out really difficult…but once you push through the first ten minutes, you can push through the rest. Great workout!

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