2nd Trimester Legs and Butt Prenatal Workout—But Good For All Trimesters!

This 20 minute workout works your lower body safely and effectively during pregnancy. Geared towards second trimester but good for any trimester. Strengthen and tone your entire lower body, while getting light cardio as well. No equipment required, but dumbbells and chair are optional.

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13 thoughts on “2nd Trimester Legs and Butt Prenatal Workout—But Good For All Trimesters!”

  1. Gabrielle Patrick

    Thanks Amy! That was great! Quick question for you on one of the exercises, I am 35+ weeks in my 2nd pregnancy so running out of room pretty quick! For the split squat where your legs are slightly crossed… when I dip down, what do I do with my belly? 🙂 Can you show the knee toe alignment from the side? I felt like the forward knee needed to be angled quite a bit to accommodate my growing belly. Should that knee stay over my toe and my leg be at roughly a 90 degree angle from the side? Sorry to be to technically specific about it! I did the best I could and it felt great – no pain and outside thigh felt isolated but so did my back leg’s quad (???) just have managed to stay 100% injury free all pregnancy and maintain a good workout plan and don’t want to bottle it here in the 11th hour! I have four weeks until my planned c-section so nearly there!!

    1. Gabrielle Patrick

      Hi Amy – any advice? I’ve done the workout a few times now and just feel a bit stuck on that one move. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I just completed this workout just before my last appointment! We’re just a few days shy of our due date! Thank you for another safe workout!

  3. Dominika Nawrocka

    I just finished 1st trimester cardio workout and then this one! I was feeling so lazy today but I decided I’m not gonna laziness win and I’m proud of myself 😉 I’m in week 25 and I’m working out with you from the beginning with a little break for 2 weeks of morning sickness :p thanks for keep me in shape!

  4. I just did this workout almost 12 weeks postpartum (I’ve already done all of your post natal workouts) and it’s still got me sweating! Grateful for the gentle but difficult workout! 😁

  5. Started this workout with major lower back pain, near tailbone area. There was so much tension but by the end of it I’m feeling so much better and there’s no more pain! Glad I went through with it!!

  6. Do any of these moves prevent diastasis recti? I feel like I use those muscles for balance when standing and when in all fours…

  7. I’ve been doing your prenatal workouts since my 2nd trimester started (now 26 weeks). They have increased my energy, boosted my confidence, and helped me keep up with my nearly 2 year old. You are providing a valuable service and it is greatly appreciated ❤️ Thank you!

  8. Thank you Amy.. These all are awesome workouts.. Easy to do yet so effective.. Thanks a lot.. God bless you

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