25 Minute Wedding Cardio Jam Workout for Fat Blasting and Calorie Burning

This 25 Minute Workout will get your heart pumping with fat blasting cardio moves! Options for all fitness levels and no equipment needed! Burn calories and get ready for the Big Day (or any day)!

13 thoughts on “25 Minute Wedding Cardio Jam Workout for Fat Blasting and Calorie Burning”

  1. Luv these workouts with ur bud’s ! I’m glad ur making them & whats real great about u is u have low impact in all of them ! Thank-u !!

  2. Hey! She works (worked?) for the Ellen Degeneres show. I love your videos, they helped me get back in shape after each kid, thanks!

  3. Totally LOVE this cardio workout, Amy!!  Love the ‘clapping lunges’–sore for a couple of days afterwards!  And I made the jump/run forward, jump/run back my own with walking up, squat, walking back, squat.  My dog gets too excited seeing me jump and run 🙂  Thanks so much for your videos!!  XOXO-Shari

  4. I have been working out daily with your videos for over three months now, and today I was able to actually jump forward and backward! I was pretty excited for myself.

  5. 2 rounds (45 sec on/ 15 sec off)

    Squat Jack
    Double Ham Curl Tuck Jump
    Butt Kick Jump Double Knee
    Alt Back Lunge Clap
    Walkout Plank
    Tap Lunge
    Foward Jump Quick Feet Back
    Quick Feet Foward Jump Back
    Side Lunge Reach Up
    Jumping Jack

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